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Templar Swords


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Knights Templar Sword child-sized, 59 cm, with leather scabbard and included small belt. Stainless steel blade and prominent red cross on the pommel. The guard is also decorated in the center of the Templar cross and...

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Templar sword with stainless steel blade decorated with carvings, leather grip and pommel decorated with the Knights Templar. Made entirely in Toledo (Spain) by the renowned swordsmith, José Luis Rubio. This new...

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Templar sword cadet size, 75 cms, finished in old forge. Corrugated stainless steel sheet. Made of Toledo-Spain by MARTO factory.

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Replica of the Knights of Heaven Sword in cadet size, 76.5 cms. long., corresponding to the movie The Kingdom of Heaven shot in various locations in Spain such as Seville, Córdoba or the Castle of Loarre (Huesca, Spain).

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Templar sword in one hand long straight blade, double-edged and riveted handle. The blade is forged carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with a hardness of 44-48 HRC. It is a weapon with excellent quality for...

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Knights Templar decorative sword with sheath. Stainless steel blade and plastic coated grip. Knob with the cross of the Templars. Includes lacquered plastic sheath and decorated with templar crosses.

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Sword Templara in size cadet with a unique design, the knob is finished in goldtone with a templar cross in red and the handle is lined in red velvet, the guard is finished in nickel with finishes in gold and red....

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Medieval sword of the Crusaders decorative with carbon steel blade grooved. Grip of wood covered with braided leather. The guard and pommel octagonal are in solid brass and decorated with the templar cross, enamelled....
Extraordinary damascened templar sword with openwork blade and 48 inches. Between 1108 and 1118 three orders of a religious-military nature were founded to assist and protect the pilgrims who were going to the Holy...
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Grand Master of the Temple sword finished in silver or black. Initially the head of the Knights Templar was the Grand Master of Jerusalem, but kept the same status as the other Masters of the Order.
Decorative Templar sword made in Toledo (Spain). With stainless steel sheet, corrugated and screen printed. The grip is brassed. The knob is decorated with the Cross Pate feature of the Knights Templar.
Decorative Templar sword made in Toledo (Spain). With rustic steel blade, corrugated. The handle is rustic old silver. The knob is decorated with the Cross Pate feature of the Knights Templar.
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Templar swords are swords that were used in the campaigns of the Templars. They are cavalry or infantry swords and most of the time they are large. They usually carry a Templar cross or a Templar seal on the pommel or guard.

Who were the Knights Templar?

The Knights Templar were the components of a Christian military order in the Middle Ages. His job was to protect the Christian pilgrims who went to Jerusalem after its conquest. They could be recognized by their white cloaks and their Templar crosses. Their motto was: "Non nobis, Domine, non nobis. Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam" - "Not to us, Lord, not to us. But to Your name be glory."

How many Templar crosses are there?

There are many types of Templar crosses, each assigned to each Templar order. Here we list the most important:

latin cross

It is the classical Christian cross.

Cross Pate

It is the best known Templar cross.

tau cross

the tau cross is shaped like a "T" and San Antón was the first to use it.

Patriarchal Cross

This cross is similar to the classic Christian cross but has another shorter horizontal bar.

Maltese cross

used by hospitals.

jerusalem cross

It has a large central cross and four smaller ones in the four corners.

Templar Sword Uses

The Templar sword has been used by the Knights Templar to defend pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and is clearly considered a weapon. With the passing of the centuries the Templar orders remained but they did not continue with their campaigns. The classes, discipline and traditions that are still alive today in many Templar groups that are dedicated to social volunteering or charity work were maintained. These Christian groups (no longer military) continue to wear the clothing of the ancient knights and continue to carry the sword to complement the costume. Some of these swords, the most beautiful, are given to the high officials of these organizations or are used only for ceremonies. Functional Templar swords are still used by some medieval battle lovers in their modern medieval training and competitions.

Characteristics of the Templar sword

The style of Templar swords has changed a lot over time. To this day, decorative Templar swords are usually made to make them look pretty and serve to complement the costumes of the Knights Templar. These swords measure approximately 100-110 cm, have an engraved blade and the parts of the hilt, guard and pommel are usually silver, bronze or gold. The knobs or guards bear the most authentic symbols of the Templars: the cross or the Templar seal.

The Templar swords of the time used to be much simpler: they did not present great decorations but they still carried the cross to remind them that they were fighting for the glory of Christ.

The Templar sword is not just any sword, it is one of the most famous historical swords. If you are looking for a sword to complement your outfit, take a look at our catalog and you will surely find something you like.

If you already have the sword and are looking for a new Templar cloak, Templar tunic or Templar helmet, we advise you to look in our catalog since Templar items are our specialty! We are at your disposal to advise you!

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