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Chess Battle of Mediela Land, The Lord of the Rings Chess Battle of Mediela Land, The Lord of the Rings 2
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Chess Battle of the Land Mediela, The Lord of the Rings. Relive the epic battle of The Lord of the Rings trilogy with the Battle of Middle Earth Chess Set. This unique chess game is inspired by the iconic literary and film saga and offers you the chance to immerse yourself in Tolkien's magical world as you challenge your friends and family in an exciting...
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Chess wizards, Harry Potter

Warner Bross
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Chess Game Wizards of Harry Potter. Pieces Height: 11.5 cms. Board size: 47x47 cms.
Chess boards

Official Lord of the Rings Chess

The New Line Productions
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A super chess game! A true collector's item, it has an ancient map of Middle-earth embedded under the tabletop. Find on the base images that present memorable characters and scenes from the films of the Lord of the Rings ™ trilogy. All details are authentic, each actor personally approved their replica among the 32 game pieces. The board measures 38 cm....
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The Fascinating Origin of Chess: A Journey Through History

Chess, an ancient strategy game that has challenged brilliant minds throughout history, has its roots in India, specifically the Indus Valley, and its history dates back to the 6th century AD Originally known as Chaturanga, which Means "army game", this game spread rapidly through ancient trade routes, reaching first Persia and then the Byzantine Empire, finally expanding throughout Asia.

Most historians agree on placing the origin of chess in India, specifically in the 7th century. It was in this period that the game transformed into the version we know today, with pieces such as the king, queen, pawns and knights. Since then, chess has captured the imagination of people of all ages and continues to be one of the most popular strategy games around the world.

Chess in the Arab World: Passion and Development

The Arab world welcomed chess with unmatched enthusiasm. The Arabs not only played chess, but also immersed themselves in its in-depth study and analysis. During this time, numerous treatises on chess were written that have survived to this day, and the algebraic notation system was developed, a fundamental tool for recording and analyzing chess games.

The Arabs not only kept the flame of chess alive, but also took it with them on their conquests and trade routes, spreading it throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Chess, with its rich history and strategic complexity, became a pillar of Arab culture and left an indelible mark on the history of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chess

  • What does "Chaturanga", the original name of chess, mean?

    "Chaturanga" translates as "army game" and reflects the military theme of the game at its origin.

  • When were king, queen and knight pieces introduced in chess?

    These pieces were introduced in the 7th century in India, transforming the game into its modern form.

  • Why did the Arab world have such a deep interest in chess?

    The Arabs valued chess for its strategic complexity and studied it in depth, contributing to the development of treatises and algebraic notation.

  • How did chess spread throughout Europe?

    Chess spread throughout Europe through the Arab conquests and trade routes, becoming an integral part of medieval European culture.

  • What is the importance of algebraic notation in chess?

    Algebraic notation is essential for recording and analyzing chess games, allowing for a deeper and more precise study of the game.

Chess is much more than a game; It is a testament to human creativity and passion for strategy. As we explore its origins in the Indus Valley and its spread across the Arab world, we marvel at the deep historical connection this game has with different cultures. Immerse yourself in the world of chess and discover its legacy in our collection of exceptional chess sets.

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