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Resin cup of the Freemasons, resin and aluminum
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Masonic Mugs

Resin cup of the Freemasons, resin and aluminum

Tole10 Imperial
13.18 €
Do you want to have in your hands a true Masonic treasure? The Freemasons Resin Cup is the perfect piece for those who appreciate the history and mystery of the Masonic lodge. Its impeccable design perfectly combines high-quality resin with aluminum, creating a unique work of art. This glass has an aluminum interior, which guarantees that your drinks...
Masonic Mugs

Ceramic Mug Masonic Symbols

9.15 €
Ceramic Mug Masonic Symbols. Ideal for your breakfasts, to have a coffee or an infusion. Dishwasher safe. It has a capacity of 325 ml. Are you a fan of Masonic symbols? This ceramic mug is perfect for you. With a unique and elegant design, you can enjoy your favorite drinks while showing your fascination for this mysterious theme. Every time you take a...
Masonic Mugs

Freemasons resin mug

Tole10 Imperial
13.18 €
Discover the resin cup of the Freemasons, an authentic jewel of the Spanish brand Tole10 Imperial. Its unique and exclusive design will make you stand out anywhere you use it. This mug is made with high quality materials. Its aluminum interior guarantees greater resistance and durability, while its resin exterior gives it that touch of elegance and...
Masonic Mugs

Masonic lodge shot glass, resin and aluminum

Tole10 Imperial
6.25 €
Discover the fascinating world of the Masonic lodge with the Masonic Lodge Shot Glass. This exclusive product includes 1 shot glass that has been carefully designed and crafted to capture the essence of this iconic organization. The glass is made of high quality resin, which gives it exceptional resistance and durability. In addition, it has an aluminum...
Masonic desk pack: Dagger, cup, paperweight and mat Masonic desk pack: Dagger, cup, paperweight and mat 2
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medieval decoration

Masonic desk pack: Dagger, cup, paperweight and mat

63.73 €
Discover the Masonic Desk Pack, a unique collection that will captivate lovers of Freemasonry and historical objects! It consists of four essential pieces for your workspace or to give as a gift to someone special. Immerse yourself in mystery and elegance with each element of this exclusive set: Masonic Symbols Ceramic Mug: Enjoy your breakfasts with...
Templar desk pack: Seal and stamp, dagger, cup, slate... Templar desk pack: Seal and stamp, dagger, cup, slate... 2
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Immerse yourself in history and mysticism with our exclusive Templar Desk Pack! Ideal for lovers of Freemasonry and historical objects, this set will transport you to the time of the legendary Knights Templar. Discover the magic of each element: Ancient Templar Model Dagger: Experience ancestral power with our impressive Templar dagger. Made with a top...
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Masonic mugs are much more than just containers for your favorite beverage; They are symbols of a mysterious and centuries-old tradition. These mugs, cups, chalices and shot glasses are decorated with Masonic motifs, icons and symbols that pay homage to Freemasonry, a secret fraternity with deep historical roots. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Masonic mugs and their significance in Masonic culture.

Masonic Symbolism on Mugs

Masonic mugs are intricately designed with symbols that are recognized by members of Freemasonry. Among the most common symbols are the compass and the square, which represent morality and righteousness in the life of a Freemason. It is also common to see the all-seeing eye, a symbol that symbolizes divine surveillance over the actions of the Freemasons.

The design and arrangement of these symbols on the mugs may vary, but they all share the purpose of reminding Freemasons of their values and principles while they enjoy their favorite drink. Each sip becomes a reminder of Masonic ideals and the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood.

A Tradition That Ends

The tradition of Masonic mugs dates back centuries. The Freemasons, known for their hermeticism, have kept this practice alive for generations. Today, these mugs remain treasured by members of the Masonic fraternity and are also prized by collectors and history enthusiasts.

While Masonic mugs are especially valued by Freemasons, they also make a unique and meaningful gift for those who wish to honor the rich history and tradition of Freemasonry. Each cup is a window to a world of secrets and values shared by this enigmatic fraternity.

Curious Questions about Masonic Mugs

  • What do the Masonic symbols on the mugs mean?
    The Masonic symbols on the mugs have deep meanings and represent values and principles shared by Freemasonry. For example, the compass and square symbolize morality and righteousness.
  • What is the purpose of Masonic cups in Freemasonry?
    Masonic mugs serve as a reminder of Masonic ideals and encourage reflection on the values of brotherhood and sisterhood while enjoying a drink.
  • How are Masonic mugs made and decorated?
    Masonic mugs are usually made of ceramic or other high-quality materials. The decoration is done with Masonic symbols engraved or silk-screened on the surface of the cup.
  • What is the story behind Masonic mugs?
    Masonic mugs have a long history dating back to Masonic tradition. They have been used as part of Masonic culture for centuries.
  • Who can own and use Masonic mugs?
    Masonic mugs are valued by Freemasons, but can also be owned and used by anyone interested in Freemasonry and its symbolism.
  • Where can you find authentic Masonic mugs?
    Authentic Masonic mugs can be found at specialty Masonic merchandise stores, online, or through trusted Masonic merchandise sellers.

Masonic mugs are a link between the present and the past of Freemasonry. Each sip is a reminder of the values and history of this enigmatic fraternity. Discover the symbolism and beauty of Masonic mugs!

Explore our collection of Masonic mugs and delve into the secret world of Freemasonry with every sip!

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