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    Medieval knight helmet for children made of sturdy cardboard. The visor is movable. Approximate size 30 cms.

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    Functional medieval Barbuta fabricated from 1.6 mm. It includes leather chin strap. Barbuta served as the head guard and had as an element that defended the neck ruff ahead and cubrenuca defending the neck from behind.

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    medieval helmet with shield and belt adjustment. Perimeter: 57-58 cms.

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    Wenceslao combat helmet. natural and basic. It includes leather and padded chin strap. NO includes base.

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    Viking helmet with nasal protection and chainmail. Made of mild steel.

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    Town Wenceslas in chain mail. It includes metal bracket. This reproduction is one of the three equal helmets had St. Wenceslas of Bohemia and was given by His Majesty Ferdinand I of Habsburg in the city of Prague on the banks of the Vltava river.

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    medieval town SugarLoaf commonly used in fair and jousting tournaments. It includes stand.

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    Capelina Circular reinforced. It consists of a round shell with a riveted to reinforce band. The wide brim protects the face from the blows. It includes chin strap with buckles. This helmet was widely used in the Middle Ages by the troops who were on foot.

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    functional medieval Bacinete (2 mm. thick) of the fourteenth century without viewfinder. It includes interior padding. It comes with brass rivets. M.- size Circumference: 61 cm L.- size Circumference: 63 cm

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    Pembridge functional English medieval helmet 1370 2mm steel made. thick. The original is in the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. It includes leather chin strap buckles.

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    Bacinete weevil, pig face with viewfinder year 1390. Made of steel of 1.6 mm. thick and riveted with brass decorations. Inside wears a leather chin strap with chin straps.

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    Casco Burgonet the sixteenth century with the typical crest and ruff visor that can move. Widely used by both infantry and cavalry of the time. It is decorated with bronze trim.

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