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Capa de lana para mujer, modelo Asidis. Es una capa larga con capucha con una medida total de 131 cms. y un ancho de 231 cms. Se cierra en la parte delantera mediante cordones. Se debe lavar en seco. 
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Blouse medieval ties model Otillia. The sleeves come to the elbows and are adjusted with the laces. It is a blouse made in cotton 100% and it should be machine washable to 30 degrees on gentle cycle.
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Medieval Helmets

  • Morions


    <p>The Morriones are medieval helmets used in the XVI century by the Infantry. p&gt;</p>
  • Burgonet


    <p>Round used infantry helmets, with cheeks, crest, cover and visor. Used in the XVI and XVII centuries p&gt;</p>
  • Barbutes


    <p>Medieval helmets without visor with opening for the mouth and eyes. Used in the 15th century</p>
  • Kettles


  • Sallet


    <p>The Celadas are medieval helmets in the shape of a campaign with an opening for the eyes. Some wore visor. p&gt;</p>
  • Helms


    <p>The helms are medieval helmets closed with visor that protect head and face.</p>
  • Bascinet


    <p>The Bacinetes are helmets from the Middle Ages that protected ears and neck and were used from the XI century until the XV p&gt;</p>
  • Sallet


    <p>Medieval Sallet helmet early 15th century that replaced the bacinete. They could have a hinged visor or be just a complete and unique piece, with a slot to allow the view. He had them with or without a visor. </p><p></p>
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Functional medieval barbuta made of 1.6 mm steel. Includes leather chin strap. The barbuta served as shelter for the head and had as element the gola that defended the neck in front and the cover that defended the...

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Bacinete with medieval viewer. Made of mild steel 1mm. - 18 ga. thick. Recommended for recreationists but not to fight.Size M: Perimeter, 60 cms &lt;./ Li&gt;Size L: Circumference 65 cms &lt;./ Li&gt;

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Edwardian medieval helmet riveted. Its design is based on the originals with the difference that the eye opening has been made with a more functional and large design. Made of 1.2 mm mild steel. thick.

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Medieval helmet Berthold Sallet riveted and with protection for the neck. Made of 1.2 mm mild steel. thick. Movable visor The interior is covered. Includes chin strap. The Sallet helmet was used with the Gothic armor.
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