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  • Morriones

    The Morriones are medieval helmets used in the XVI century by the Infantry.

  • Borgoñotas

    Round used infantry helmets, with cheeks, crest, cover and visor. Used in the XVI and XVII centuries

  • Barbutas

    Medieval helmets without visor with opening for the mouth and eyes. Used in the 15th century

  • Kettles
  • Celadas

    The Celadas are medieval helmets in the shape of a campaign with an opening for the eyes. Some wore visor.

  • Bacinetes

    The Bacinetes are helmets from the Middle Ages that protected ears and neck and were used from the XI century until the XV

  • Helms

    The helms are medieval helmets closed with visor that protect head and face.

  • Sallet

    Medieval Sallet helmet early 15th century that replaced the bacinete. They could have a hinged visor or be just a complete and unique piece, with a slot to allow the view. He had them with or without a visor.

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  • £82.63 In Stock

    Functional medieval Barbuta fabricated from 1.6 mm. It includes leather chin strap. Barbuta served as the head guard and had as an element that defended the neck ruff ahead and cubrenuca defending the neck from behind.

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  • £101.29 In Stock

    Bacinete with medieval viewer. Made of mild steel 1mm. - 18 ga. thick. Recommended for recreationists but not to fight.Size M: Perimeter, 60 cms Size L: Circumference 65 cms

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  • £41.76 In Stock

    medieval helmet with shield and belt adjustment. Perimeter: 57-58 cms.

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  • £88.85

    Spanish conquistador helmet Morrión XVI-XVII century with wings. Made of polished steel. It comes with ear protectors.

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  • £91.30 In Stock

    Functional Wenceslaus nasal helmet for battle of the 10th century. The original is located in Prague. Made of 2mm steel. thick. Nasal protection of 3 mm. Includes leather closure with brass buckle to hold on the chin and interior padding.

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  • £95.96 In Stock

    Capelina Circular reinforced. It consists of a round shell with a riveted to reinforce band. The wide brim protects the face from the blows. It includes chin strap with buckles. This helmet was widely used in the Middle Ages by the troops who were on foot.

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  • £146.13

    German bacinete functional, battle-ready, with steel thickness 2 mm. Includes removable viewer. Handmade, riveted and welded.

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  • £91.20 In Stock

    functional medieval Bacinete (2 mm. thick) of the fourteenth century without viewfinder. It includes interior padding. It comes with brass rivets. M.- size Circumference: 61 cm L.- size Circumference: 63 cm

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  • £91.20 In Stock

    Pembridge functional English medieval helmet 1370 2mm steel made. thick. The original is in the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. It includes leather chin strap buckles.

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  • £100.34 In Stock

    Casco Burgonet the sixteenth century with the typical crest and ruff visor that can move. Widely used by both infantry and cavalry of the time. It is decorated with bronze trim.

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  • £132.36 In Stock

    Medieval helmet Coventry Sallet of the fifteenth century. It is a replica of the original found in the Herbert Art Gallery Museum in Coventry, England. Handmade in 2 mm steel. of thickness and prepared for Full Contact and recreation. It comes riveted and soldier. Includes adjustable padded lining, leather strap and metal buckle.

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  • £86.01

    Templar helmet decorated with life-size frontal large golden cross. P>

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