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Shashka Cossack saber with scabbard (91.3 cm.) Shashka Cossack saber with scabbard (91.3 cm.) 2
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72.42 €
Discover the Shashka Cossack saber, a true jewel of history and tradition. This impressive saber features a high-quality, strong and durable stainless steel blade. Its resin and metal handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to handle it with ease and precision. With an overall length of 36 inches, this Cossack saber is ideal for both...
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Functional Persian saber, shamshir

Jiri Krondak
270.00 €
The functional Persian saber, shamshir, is a powerful combat weapon manufactured to the highest quality standards. This sword, made of CSN 14260 carbon steel (DIN 54 SiCr 6), has a hardness of 44-48 HRC that guarantees its resistance and durability. The Persian saber is a variant of the white weapon known as a sword, but it differs by its curved blade,...

Indian Talwar Saber

Cold Steel
369.59 €
The Indian Talwar Saber is an impressive weapon that combines tradition and functionality. Its hand-forged 1090 carbon steel blade ensures exceptional strength and durability, while its perfect balance allows for precise and fluid handling. But this saber not only stands out for its combat performance, it is also a true work of art. Its decorated solid...

Historical Persian Functional Shamshir Saber

Cold Steel
324.79 €
Would you like to own an authentic functional Persian saber? We present to you the historical Persian Shamshir Saber manufactured by ColdSteel, an exceptional piece that will transport you to bygone eras full of intrigue and bravery. This saber has been manufactured by ColdSteel's expert craftsmen, guaranteeing its quality and authenticity. Its blade has...
277.50 €
Discover the incredible functional Persian Saber with brass pommel and guard! This magnificent saber has been handcrafted by VB SwordShop, a renowned company specializing in the creation of swords. The functional Persian Saber has a 51CrV4 steel blade, forged and tempered to guarantee its resistance and durability. Its design includes a false edge and a...
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Polypropylene Chinese saber for training

Master Cutlery
28.90 €
Do you want to add a touch of authenticity to your martial arts training? The Chinese Polypropylene Saber for training is the perfect tool to practice your movements safely and reliably. With a length of 87.6 cm, this saber is designed to simulate the experience of handling a traditional Chinese weapon, but with the durability and lightness of...
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Functional Shashka Cossack Saber

Jiri Krondak
270.00 €
The functional Shashka Cossack saber is a masterpiece manufactured by the prestigious gunsmith Jiri Krondak, internationally recognized for his excellence in forging high quality historical functional swords and weapons. Every detail of this saber has been carefully designed to offer optimal performance and unmatched authenticity. The blade material is...
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Cossack cavalry saber (Shashka). Russia 1881

94.05 €
The Cossack Cavalry Saber (Shashka) is a true gem for history lovers and weapons collectors. Manufactured by the prestigious Spanish company Denix, specialized in high-quality decorative replicas, this saber faithfully represents the weapon used by the Cossack cavalry in Russia in 1881. The Shashka is a unique war weapon of its kind, with a slightly...
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Russian Saber Shashka

Battle Merchant
111.98 €
If you are passionate about history and ancient weapons, this replica of the Russian Shashka saber is perfect for you. With its imposing design and its meticulous manufacturing, this saber will transport you to the time of the Russian Cossacks and will allow you to relive their exploits. The saber is made with a wooden handle that gives it an authentic...
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Aged Shashka saber, with bayonet

Battle Merchant
178.23 €
Are you a lover of history and ancient weapons? Then this Antique Shashka Saber with Bayonet is the perfect item for you. With an aged finish that simulates signs of wear, this Shashka Saber is an exact replica of the original artifacts. The blade of this saber is made of EN45 single-edged steel, it is not sharp and has been carefully treated to obtain...
Asian Sabers

Tai Chi Yang Saber, sharp, by Paul Chen (103.5 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
531.99 €
Improve your Tai Chi skills with Paul Chen's Sharp Yang Sabre! This sword is specially designed for Yang style Tai Chi practitioners, offering a solid and tastefully decorated training experience. The high-quality carbon steel blade is fully hardened, giving it excellent balance and flexibility. Additionally, the brass fittings perfectly complement the...
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Asian sabers are an intrinsic part of Asia's rich cultural heritage, and each one tells its own story. From the elegant Yang Saber of Taichi to the powerful Cossack Sabers, these instruments of combat and artistic expression have left an indelible mark on history and tradition. In this article, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Asian sabers and discover their diversity and meaning.

The Chinese Sabers

Chinese sabers are known for their grace and versatility in martial arts. They are designed for cutting, stabbing and defending, and are often associated with fluid movements and precise techniques. The Taichi Yang Saber, for example, is a variant of the Chinese saber used in the practice of Tai Chi, a martial art that emphasizes relaxation and flow.

The Cossack Sabers

Cossack sabers are an important part of the tradition of the Cossacks, a military ethnic group from Eurasia. These swords are usually curved and sharp, ideal for cavalry and close-range combat. Cossack sabers are a symbol of bravery and fighting skill, and have been used in numerous wars and conflicts throughout history.

The Sabers of Western Asia

The West Asia region also has its own range of unique sabers. Persian Sabers, for example, are known for their richly decorated blades and elaborate hilts. These swords are works of art in themselves and are often appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship. Furthermore, Indian Sabers, with their rich and varied history, are an essential part of Indian culture and tradition.

The Russian Sabers

Russian sabers are a testament to the multicultural influence in the region. These swords are known for their straight blade and simple but effective design. Russian Sabers have a long history in Russian culture, used both in war and in traditional ceremonies.

Discover the beauty and diversity of Asian sabers as you explore their history and cultural significance. Whether you are drawn to the elegance of Chinese sabers or the bravery of Cossack sabers, these instruments will transport you to a world of tradition and skill.

Curious Questions about Asian Sabers

1. What is the Taichi Yang Saber and how is it used in Tai Chi practice?

The Taichi Yang Saber is a Chinese saber variant used in Tai Chi practice, focusing on fluid movements and precise techniques.

2. What is the importance of Cossack sabers in Cossack culture?

Cossack sabers are a symbol of bravery and fighting skill, and are central to Cossack culture.

3. What characterizes Persian Sabers?

Persian Sabers are known for their richly decorated blades and elaborate hilts, prized for their beauty and craftsmanship.

4. What are Russian Sabers like and what is their characteristic design?

Russian Sabers have straight blades and a simple but effective design, representing the multicultural influence in the region.

Explore our collection of Asian sabers and immerse yourself in the rich tradition and diversity of these magnificent swords. Purchase an Asian saber and take with you a piece of history and culture!

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