12.69 €
You have in your hands the Knights Templar Round Table Clock, a piece that combines the elegance and mystery of the mythical order of the Knights Templar in a compact and functional design. This round table clock is the perfect size to be placed on your desk or nightstand without taking up too much space, but without going unnoticed. With dimensions of...
Damascene Toledo

Hourglass Damascene, 11 cms.

55.93 €
The Damascene Hourglass, 11 cm is an elegant and sophisticated piece that combines the tradition of Toledo damascene work with the functionality of an hourglass. With a height of 11 cm, this hourglass is perfect for giving a touch of class to any space. Toledo damascene is a craft technique that dates back to medieval times and consists of embedding fine...

Knights Templar watch

Tole10 Imperial
8.12 €
analog clock with quartz movement with the design of the sword and shield of the Knights Templar. Gum bracalet.

Hourglass, 5 minutes

25.38 €
Discover the fascinating medieval world with our 5-minute Hourglass! This incredible mechanical instrument will allow you to accurately measure time in a unique and original way. Made of high quality resin, our hourglass is resistant and durable, guaranteeing its perfect operation for years. Its medieval design gives it a touch of authenticity and makes...

Knights Templar Wall Clock

19.90 €
Discover the Knights Templar Wall Clock! This impressive clock will not only help you keep track of time, but is also a true decorative jewel for your home. Available in various sizes, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Knights Templar wall clock is made from ChromaLuxe material, known for its exceptional strength and durability. Its...
12.69 €
Are you a fan of the Knights Templar? This square table clock with Knights Templar design is ideal for you. With a size of 12x12 cms., this clock is perfect to place it on your work table without taking up too much space. In addition, it has an analogue mechanism that includes an hour, minute and second hand, so you never lose track of time. This table...

Renaissance sundial, brass

Battle Merchant
44.12 €
Discover the charm of the Renaissance with our magnificent Renaissance Sundial made of brass. Throughout history, humans have used sundials as reliable timers, and now you can hold in your hands a piece that combines history, precision, and artistry. The design of this sundial originated from the Renaissance, a time when art and mathematics merged and...

Pendant with Clock of the stars and the tides

Battle Merchant
57.73 €
Are you passionate about the Middle Ages, astronomy and the starry sky? Then this Stars and Tides Clock pendant is just the thing for you! Just by looking at it, you will be able to tell the time of night from the stars visible in the northern hemisphere. Also, on the flip side, it will help you calculate the time of high tides at your current location....
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Watches are much more than just time-measuring devices; They are objects loaded with history and meaning. In this category, we will explore the fascinating worlds of ancient hourglasses, Templar clocks, sundials and medieval navigators' clocks. Each of these watches tells a unique story that dates back to times past.

Hourglasses: Marking Time Calmly

Hourglasses are one of the oldest devices for measuring time. Used since ancient times, these clocks consist of two glass bulbs joined by a narrow neck that allows sand to flow from one side to the other. Time is measured by observing how much sand has passed from one bulb to the other. These clocks were common on ships and were used to measure work shifts and religious events.

Templar Clocks: The Time of the Knights

Templar clocks are a piece of medieval history that still fascinates many. These watches, used by the Knights Templar, featured intricate designs and religious symbols. They were symbols of the discipline and devotion of this military order. Templar clocks are often displayed in museums as silent witnesses to an age of knights and crusades.

Sundials: The Science of Light

Sundials are a wonderful combination of art and science. These clocks work by the shadow cast by a gnomon (a metal arm or rod) on a surface marked with hour lines. Sundials have been used by cultures around the world for centuries to determine the time of day from the position of the sun in the sky. They are an example of human ingenuity and understanding of celestial movements.

Medieval Navigators' Clocks: The Guide to the High Seas

Medieval navigators' watches were essential instruments for sailors venturing into the unknown seas. These clocks, like the astrolabe and the sundial, allowed navigators to determine their position on the high seas by observing the stars and the sun. These watches were the compass of the Middle Ages and contributed to the discovery of new worlds.

Curious Questions and Answers

What is the oldest known hourglass?

The oldest known hourglass dates back to the 14th century and is located in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Did the Knights Templar use Templar clocks to time their ceremonies?

Yes, Templar watches were used in Knights Templar ceremonies as part of their religious discipline.

How do sundials work on cloudy days?

Sundials do not work on cloudy days as they depend on the shadow cast by the sun.

What was the importance of medieval navigators' watches in exploration?

Medieval navigators' watches allowed sailors to determine their position on the high seas, which was crucial for transatlantic exploration and voyages.

What material was used to make hourglasses?

Historical hourglasses were often made of glass and sometimes with metal frames.

What is the most famous sundial in the world?

The most famous sundial in the world is the Prague Sundial, located on the City Hall Wall in Prague, Czech Republic.

Explore the fascinating world of antique clocks and discover how time has been measured throughout history! Immerse yourself in the tradition and craftsmanship of these treasures from the past!

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