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Ceramic Mug Pharaohs and Egyptian Gods Ceramic Mug Pharaohs and Egyptian Gods 2
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Egyptian Cups

Ceramic Mug Pharaohs and Egyptian Gods

9.15 €
Discover the thousand-year-old magic of Egyptian mythology with our Ceramic Mug of pharaohs and Egyptian gods. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the pharaohs and the divinities of this ancient civilization while you enjoy your breakfast, coffee or infusions. Our mug is made of high-quality ceramic, which makes it strong and durable. In...
Ceramic mug with Egyptian hieroglyphs Ceramic mug with Egyptian hieroglyphs 2
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Egyptian Cups

Ceramic mug with Egyptian hieroglyphs

9.15 €
Discover the mystery and history of the ancient Egyptian civilization with our Ceramic Mug with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Ideal to awaken your senses at breakfast, to enjoy a delicious coffee or a comforting infusion, this cup will transport you to the land of the pharaohs. The unique design of this mug features authentic Egyptian hieroglyphics, full of...
Egyptian Cups

Vintage Egyptian enameled brass cup

10.06 €
Are you a lover of Egyptian culture? Do you like to enjoy your breakfasts in style? Then this Vintage Egyptian Enameled Brass Mug is just the thing for you. With its unique and authentic design, this mug will transport you to the mysterious and fascinating land of the pharaohs every time you use it. Imagine drinking your favorite coffee or infusion in...
Egyptian Cups

Egyptian cup Tutankhamun, decorative (1 unit)

Tole10 Imperial
14.09 €
Immerse yourself in the magic of ancient Egypt with the Tutankhamun Egyptian Mug, a decorative piece that will transport you to millenary times. With its design inspired by the legendary pharaoh Tutankhamen, this mug is more than just a container, it is a work of art that arouses curiosity and wonder. With dimensions of 8 cm wide and 11 cm high, this mug...
13.90 €
Embark on a journey to the ancient Egyptian civilization with the Pharaoh and Scarab Egyptian Resin Goblet. This stunning goblet is meticulously crafted from high quality resin, with a stainless steel interior to ensure durability and safety. The design of the cup presents a captivating decoration: on one side, a pharaoh, a symbol of power and leadership...
7.38 €
Add a touch of mystery and ancient Egyptian charm to your toasts with the Egyptian Pharaoh and Scarab Shot Glass. This captivating tumbler is meticulously crafted from high-quality resin, with a stainless steel interior to ensure durability and safety. The design of the vase presents a fascinating decoration: on one side, a pharaoh, a symbol of power and...
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Egyptian Mugs: A Journey to the Past with Every Sip

Egyptian cups are much more than just containers; They are authentic masterpieces that transport us to the mysterious and fascinating world of Ancient Egypt. These unique ceramic and glass pieces are decorated with Egyptian motifs, hieroglyphs and drawings that tell ancient stories. In this article, we will explore the beauty and history behind Egyptian-inspired mugs, goblets, chalices, and shot glasses.

Ancient Egypt is known for its rich culture and impressive monuments, but Egyptian mugs give us a more intimate glimpse into daily life at that time. These mugs are often decorated with hieroglyphs representing names, dates, and important events. Some mugs even feature figures of Egyptian gods, such as Ra or Isis, making them objects of great historical and artistic value.

Egyptian cups are also notable for their elaborate craftsmanship. Egyptian artisans used high-quality ceramics and glazing techniques to create vibrant, long-lasting designs. Some glass cups even feature gemstone inlays, reflecting the Egyptians' obsession with beauty and opulence.

Shot Glasses with Egyptian Motifs: Toast like a Pharaoh

For those who want to celebrate in Egyptian style, shot glasses with Egyptian motifs are the perfect choice. These small glasses are decorated with symbols such as the Eye of Horus, the Ankh and scenes of life on the Nile. Each drink becomes a tribute to the legacy of this ancient civilization.

The Egyptian motifs on these shot glasses evoke Egyptian spirituality and mythology. The Eye of Horus, for example, symbolizes protection and healing, while the Ankh represents eternal life. Drinking from these glasses is like a ritual that connects you with the beliefs and history of Egypt.

Cups with Egyptian Hieroglyph Motifs: Decipher the Past

The glasses with Egyptian hieroglyphics motifs are a real challenge for the mind and senses. These pieces are adorned with mysterious characters that tell encrypted stories of the pharaohs and gods. Each glass is like an enigma waiting to be deciphered.

Egyptian hieroglyphs were a complex writing system used to record Egyptian history and culture. By drinking from these cups, you immerse yourself in a world of secrets and ancient knowledge. Can you decipher the messages hidden in these glasses and reveal the mysteries of the past?

Mugs with Drawings of Ancient Egypt: Art in your Hand

Mugs with drawings of Ancient Egypt are true works of art that you can hold in your hands. These cups are decorated with scenes of daily life in ancient Egypt, such as farming, hunting and fishing. Each drawing is a window to the past, showing us what life was like on the Nile thousands of years ago.

In addition to everyday scenes, some mugs also feature depictions of iconic monuments such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Karnak. These mugs are a way to carry with you a piece of the majesty of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Curious Questions and Answers about Egyptian Mugs

  • What meaning do the hieroglyphs on Egyptian cups have?
    Hieroglyphs represent names, dates, important events and often contain spiritual or protective messages. They are a way to preserve Egyptian history and culture.
  • What is the symbolism of the Eye of Horus on shot glasses?
    The Eye of Horus symbolizes protection, healing and divinity. It was believed to offer protection from evil and bring health and well-being.
  • How were Egyptian glass cups made?
    Egyptian glass cups were made using the blown glass technique, similar to Roman cups. Egyptian glassmakers were experts in this technique and achieved impressive designs.
  • Are there authentic Egyptian cups or are they all replicas?
    Some Egyptian cups are authentic and have been preserved over the centuries, but most of those found on the market are high-quality replicas.
  • What is the importance of gemstones in some Egyptian cups?
    Gemstones, such as lapis lazuli or agate, were used to add beauty and value to cups. In addition, they were believed to have magical and protective properties.
  • How are Egyptian cups washed and cared for?
    It is advisable to hand wash these mugs with warm water and mild detergent to preserve the designs and prevent damage. Dishwashers and microwaves should not be used.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious and elegant history of Ancient Egypt with our Egyptian mugs. Each mug is a door to the past, a tribute to Egyptian culture and a jewel for your collection. Celebrate like a pharaoh and discover the mystery of the Nile in every sip!

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