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    Chess boards

    <p>Chess boards with medieval motifs. Medieval chess, Romans, Egyptians. It is thought that chess comes from India (200-700 AD.) and its creator designed it to entertain the king, who asked him in return a grain of wheat for the first square, two for second, four by the third and so on, to cover the 64 squares that make up the board. It is also believed that the inventor was the Greek Palamedes, who created it during the siege of Troy, to distract the soldiers during the days of inaction. The Arabs learned from the Persian by the name of as-satrany and taught it to the Spanish. The first chess expert was the Arab al-Dali. To Spain thus corresponds the honor of having introduced the noble game in Europe and to be cradle of the first theoretician of chess, Ruy Lopez, creator of a famous opening, who wrote a book of liberal invention and art of the game of Chess.</p>
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Jack pirate ship. 55 3D puzzle pieces to assemble. Approximate size: 28x26x10 cm &lt;./ P&gt;CAUTION! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of the danger of small-piece choke. Use only under adult supervision.
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