Set of 2 medieval forged mustache hinges
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Set of 2 medieval forged mustache hinges

Pera Peris
43.35 €
Make your doors and chests look like authentic medieval pieces with the Set of 2 Medieval Whiskers Hinges in Forge! This set of hinges is completely hand forged, modeled after medieval chest fittings. It impresses everyone with its artistic design, which is reminiscent of the hinges frequently used at that time. Wrought iron hinges were very common on the...
Set of 2 curly forged medieval hinges Set of 2 curly forged medieval hinges 2
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Set of 2 curly forged medieval hinges

Pera Peris
45.05 €
The set of 2 curled medieval hinges made in forging is the perfect complement for your construction projects and medieval recreation. These high quality forged hinges stand out for their beautifully designed and rolled ends, which will give a unique touch to your historical chests and chests in LARP. Manufactured by the renowned German manufacturer, Pera...
Set 2 medieval hinges with beard in forging Set 2 medieval hinges with beard in forging 2
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Set 2 medieval hinges with beard in forging

Pera Peris
30.09 €
Attention, lovers of history and medieval decoration! Here is your chance to purchase two forged hinges in the style of the Middle Ages to give an authentic touch to your projects! These hinges have been carefully crafted in the shape of a curved fork, a technique widely used in medieval times to guarantee the safety of goods and treasures in families and...

Wrought iron medieval door hinge

Lord of Battles
14.04 €
Do you want to add a rustic medieval touch to your plain wooden door? This medieval wrought iron door hinge is the perfect solution. With a subtle and elegant design, this hinge is ideal for contemporary, medieval and even gothic settings. Best of all, it's hand forged from strong iron, ensuring its durability through the years. You no longer have to...

Rustic iron vintage door hinge

Lord of Battles
6.60 €
Are you looking to add a vintage and rustic touch to your plain wooden door? Then this rustic iron vintage door hinge is perfect for you. Hand forged from strong iron, this gate hinge is designed to be durable and strong ensuring years of use! Measuring approximately 16.4 cm long and 9.1 cm wide, this hinge is the perfect size to enhance the functionality...

Set of 2 medieval hinges with forged latch

Pera Peris
41.65 €
Travel back in time and feel the extraordinary medieval experience with this fascinating set of forged hinges and latches! With this set of medieval hinges, you can give an authentic medieval touch to your doors or chests. Each of these hinges has been carefully crafted by hand following the ancient models of medieval locks, which guarantees safety and...

Set of Viking Hinges with forged bolt

Pera Peris
25.33 €
Attention fan of Viking culture! Here is your chance to purchase a set of Forged Viking Hinges with Bolt that will impress you with its beauty and functionality! This hinge set is modeled after the Viking Mästermyr hinge, which was found in a well-preserved forge toolbox during an excavation in Sweden. Since the Celts and Romans chests and trunks were...

Pair of vintage door hinges in rustic iron

Lord of Battles
19.83 €
Do you want to add a rustic medieval touch to your plain wooden door? Then this pair of rustic iron vintage door hinges is just what you need. Hand forged from strong iron, this pair of door hinges will last for years to come! Measuring approximately (26.2 x 6.6) cm, these hinges are designed to both enhance functionality and be an incredible addition to...

Set 2 fleur de lis hinges for medieval doors

Mystic Colonial Hardware
14.69 €
Are you looking for a decorative element that gives your door an authentic look from the Middle Ages? Then you can't miss the Set of 2 Fleur-de-Lis Hinges for Medieval Doors, made of hand-forged iron. These hinges are designed in a classic style from the Middle Ages, with floral details and an elegant fleur-de-lis shape. Each hinge is handcrafted from...
30.09 €
Give an authentic and rustic touch to your doors or chests with these hand-forged medieval hinges! Here you can buy two medieval hinges with beautifully designed and artistically shaped ends. These hinges are ideal for those looking for historical authenticity and long-lasting functionality. Since Roman times, boxes and chests have been fitted with...
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Medieval Forge Hinges: Style and Authenticity for Your Doors and Windows

Hinges are essential elements in any home, but why settle for the ordinary when you can add a touch of unique style and authenticity to your doors and windows? In our store, we offer a selection of medieval forge hinges that will transport you to the era of knights and castles. Discover the variety of designs and materials available and give your home a standout style.

Rustic and Medieval Forge

Forge is a craftsmanship technique that has been used throughout history, and in the medieval era, it became a refined art. Our medieval forge hinges capture the essence of that period, with designs that evoke the elegance and authenticity of medieval castles and fortresses. Each hinge is carefully crafted to provide you with quality and style in one product.

Variety of Designs and Materials

In our store, we understand that each home is unique, which is why we offer a wide variety of designs and materials for medieval forge hinges. Whether you desire a classic and sober style or something more ornate and detailed, you will find the perfect hinge for your needs. Additionally, our products are made with durable materials that guarantee optimal functioning over time.

Curious Questions

  • What characterizes medieval forge hinges?

    Medieval forge hinges are characterized by their design inspired by the medieval era, with elegant and authentic details.

  • Why choose forge hinges instead of conventional ones?

    Forge hinges offer a unique style and authenticity that conventional ones cannot match, adding character to your home.

  • What types of designs are available in medieval forge hinges?

    In our store, you will find a variety of designs, from classic and sober to ornate and detailed, to suit your preferences.

  • What materials are used in medieval forge hinges?

    Our hinges are made with durable materials such as wrought iron, which guarantee a long lifespan and optimal functioning.

  • How can I incorporate medieval forge hinges in my home?

    You can install these hinges on your doors and windows to add a touch of medieval style to your decor.

  • What makes medieval forge hinges a special choice for history enthusiasts?

    These hinges evoke the medieval era and allow history enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the ambiance of ancient castles and fortresses.

Transform your doors and windows with medieval forge hinges and give your home a unique touch!
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