Spartan Fighting Bath Towel (various sizes)

31.82 €
The Spartans fight Bath Towel is the perfect accessory to add to your bathroom, beach or pool routine. Its softness will make you feel wrapped in comfort and its varied size adapts to your needs. It has a 400 gr./m2 American terry fabric, which guarantees its durability and resistance. In addition, its composition of 70% cotton and 30% polyester combines...

Roman Legion Bath Towel (various sizes)

31.82 €
The SPQR Roman Legion Bath Towel is the perfect complement for your moments of relaxation in the bathroom, beach or pool. With a design inspired by the legendary Roman Legion, this towel will transport you to times past full of epic and bravery. But not only its design is captivating, its 400 gr./m2 American terry fabric also gives you a unique sensation...
31.82 €
Discover the Roman Legionnaires Training Bath Towel, the perfect option for lovers of Roman history and culture. This towel will not only wrap you in its softness, but will also transport you to the times of the Roman Legion. Made with a 400 gr./m2 American terry cloth, this towel guarantees great absorption and an incomparable feeling of comfort. Whether...
31.82 €
Are you a Knights Templar lover? Then this Knights Templar Cotton Round Towel is perfect for you. With its exclusive design and its various sizes available (120 and 140 cm), you can use it as a tablecloth on your round tables or enjoy it by the pool, on the beach or simply as a decorative element. This towel is made with a 400 gr./m2 American terry cloth,...
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Bath towels are an essential element in our daily lives, but have you ever wondered how they were used at different times in history? In this article, we will immerse you in the fascinating world of themed bath towels, from elegant Roman towels to rustic Viking towels. Join us on this journey through time and discover how these accessories have evolved over the centuries.

Roman Bath Towels

Roman bath towels were a symbol of luxury and sophistication in ancient Rome. The use of towels was common in Roman public baths, where hygiene and body care were an integral part of the culture. These towels were made of linen or cotton and were often finely embroidered with elaborate designs.

In addition to their practical drying function, Roman towels also had a social purpose. They were used as a sign of status, and people of higher social rank often carried larger, more decorative towels. Skin and body care was an important part of Roman life, and towels played a vital role in this.

Medieval Towels

In the Middle Ages, bath towels were less common than in ancient Rome, and their use was reserved mainly for the nobility and high society. These towels were simpler compared to Roman towels, usually woven on linen or cotton looms. They were often used in castles and large residences to dry off after hot baths.

In some cases, medieval towels were embroidered with coats of arms or family emblems, which made them objects of prestige and inheritance. As the Middle Ages progressed, the use of towels became more common among the upper classes, but they remained an unattainable luxury for the majority of the population.

Viking Towels

The Vikings, known for their austere and adventurous lives, also had their own versions of bath towels. These Viking towels were more rustic and practical compared to Roman and medieval towels. They were made of wool or linen and were used for both drying and keeping warm in cold climates.

Viking towels often featured simple designs, but were strong and durable. For the Vikings, hygiene was important, especially after their sea raids, and these towels played an essential role in staying clean and dry in difficult conditions.

Templar Towels

Templar towels are a symbol of the Order of the Temple, a military and religious order that existed in the Middle Ages. These towels were used in the initiation rituals of the Templars and were considered sacred objects. They were white with an embroidered red cross, which represented the devotion and commitment of the order.

Templar towels were carefully preserved and used in important religious ceremonies. Its symbolism endures to this day as part of the history of the Templars and their legacy in popular culture.

Curious Questions about Bath Towels

How were Roman towels made?
Roman towels were made primarily of linen or cotton and were often embroidered with elaborate designs.

What social function did Roman towels have?
In addition to drying, Roman towels indicated a person's social status.

What material was used for Viking towels?
Viking towels were made of wool or linen and were strong and durable.

What is the symbolism of the Templar towels?
Templar towels with an embroidered red cross represented the commitment and devotion of the Templar Order.

What other historical cultures used towels in their hygiene practices?
Greek and Egyptian cultures also used towels in their bathing and personal care rituals.

How has towel manufacturing evolved throughout history?
Towel manufacturing has evolved from the simple weaves of ancient times to modern high-tech towels.

Discover the history of towels and how they have been an important part of different eras and cultures throughout history.

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