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Katana John Lee Dragon

Katana John Lee model Dragon forged by hand. It is a piece of art asian:

  • Blade forged carbon steel and hardened in the traditional way.
  • The sharp blade has a ribbed to reduce the weight
  • The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood and covered with skin of a fish (Same)
  • The hilt is wrapped (Tsuka-ito) of black cotton traditional
  • The guard (Tsuba) is decorated with a Dragon, which is a very important element in Japanese culture
  • The handle (Tsuka) is anchored to the blade with pins of bamboo (Mekugi)
  • The sheath (Saya) is made of wood
  • The sheet has a 'collar' of brass (habaki) so it does not move in the holster
  • This sword was crafted following the original museum

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Data sheet

103.5 cms.
Blade long
73 cms.
1000 grs.
Material hoja
Acero al Carbono
Handle Length
31 cms.
Sori (blade curvature)
18-20 mm.
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