Human bones, 18 pieces Human bones, 18 pieces 2
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Human bones, 18 pieces

Epic Armoury
22.31 €
Would you like to have a set of disassembled human bones in your collection? Do not look any further! We have the perfect product for you: the Epic Armory Human Bones Set. This set includes 18 pieces of human bones, including a realistic skull. Each bone is made of high-quality polyurethane, giving it a realistic look and feel. Your friends will be amazed...

Articulated skeleton, life size

Epic Armoury
58.68 €
This life-size articulated skeleton is the perfect complement to your themed events, Halloween parties or simply to decorate your home with a macabre and mysterious touch. Made from high-quality rigid plastic, this skeleton is not only durable, but also realistic in every detail, making it a stunning piece that is sure to catch the attention of all your...

Medium red skull

Epic Armoury
20.66 €
Are you looking to add a spooky touch to your escape rooms or your LARP games? Then this medium red skull is just the thing for you. This skull is made of hard polyurethane foam, which makes it strong and durable. In addition, it is covered by a layer of latex that gives it a realistic and terrifying appearance. Best of all, this item is hand-painted,...

Human skull made of foam

Epic Armoury
20.66 €
Are you looking for a way to add a ghoulish and mysterious touch to your decor? Then look no further because we have the perfect product for you: the Epic Armoury Foam Human Skull. This medium skull has been specially designed for those looking to create a malevolent environment, perfect for undead rituals and unholy events. Made from high-quality...

Set of 6 mini skulls for decoration

Lord of Battles
7.43 €
Get ready to add a unique and mysterious touch to your decoration, board games, or LARP and Cosplay activities with our Set of 6 mini skulls for decoration! Featured Features: Limitless Versatility: These mini skulls are ideal for a wide range of uses. You can use them to decorate your space, as playing pieces in your favorite board games, or as part of...
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In the world of LARP (live role-playing), Cosplay and props, authenticity is key. Realistic elements, such as bones, skulls, and skeletons, play a vital role in creating believable settings and characters. Made from high-quality resins and meticulously decorated, these elements add a touch of realism to your adventures and performances.

Attention to detail is essential, and our products are designed to meet the highest standards. Each carefully sculpted bone and skull resembles the real thing, and the meticulous decoration ensures you can fully immerse yourself in your role or project.

Discover how our bones, skulls and skeletons can elevate your LARP, Cosplay and prop experiences to a whole new level.

The versatility of resin elements

Resin elements are a smart choice for LARP, Cosplay and props enthusiasts. They are light, durable and easy to customize. Our resin bones and skulls are designed to be versatile, meaning you can paint them, age them, and customize them to your specific needs.

In addition to their versatility in terms of appearance, the resin elements are durable and easy to transport, making them the perfect choice for LARP events or Cosplay conventions. You won't have to worry about damage to your props while you immerse yourself in your adventures.

Explore the wide range of options available and discover how resin elements can enhance your LARP, Cosplay and prop projects.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How are resin bones and skulls made?

    Our resin bones and skulls are created using precise molds from authentic elements. High-quality resins are then used to replicate the look and texture of real bones.

  • Can I customize the resin elements myself?

    Yes, resin elements are ideal for customization. You can paint, age and decorate them according to your needs and preferences.

  • Are resin items safe to use in LARP and Cosplay?

    Yes, resin items are safe and comfortable to wear for long periods. In addition, they are lightweight and do not pose health risks.

  • What types of resin elements do you offer?

    We offer a variety of resin bones, skulls and skeletons in different sizes and styles to fit your specific needs.

  • What is the durability of resin elements?

    The resin elements are durable and impact resistant, making them ideal for use in LARP and Cosplay activities.

  • Can I find resin elements decorated with specific motifs?

    Yes, we offer resin elements decorated with specific motifs and details to adapt to different periods and scenarios.

Elevate your LARP, Cosplay, and prop experiences with our high-quality resin elements! Discover the authenticity and versatility of our products and bring your projects to life like never before.

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