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Legend of Zelda Swords

Legend of Zelda Link Sword with scabbard Legend of Zelda Link Sword with scabbard 2
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Legend of Zelda Swords

Legend of Zelda Link Sword with scabbard

98.84 €
Attention fans of the award-winning video game! With the Legend of Zelda Link Sword with Scabbard, anyone outside of the gaming world can now step into the role of the epic hero, Link. This incredible product is a dream come true for all fans of this legendary saga. Link's sword with scabbard has a design inspired by the famous and powerful Mastersword....
Legend of Zelda Swords

Link Sword, Legend of Zelda

56.93 €
Get the sword of Link, the famous character from the Legend of Zelda video game saga! This replica sword features a strong and durable stainless steel blade, perfect for recreating the game's epic battles. The lacquered wooden scabbard with gold details gives it a touch of authenticity and elegance. With a blade length of 67 cm. and a total length of 100...
57.75 €
Twilight Princess Zelda Link Master Sword with a black finish. The blade is stainless steel. and measures 80 cm. Includes wooden plaque. Link is the name of the different protagonists of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1986, one of the company's most successful franchises (as of 2007, it has sold more than...
Legend of Zelda Swords

Link's hand forged sword from Legend of Zelda

148.50 €
Become a true epic hero with Link's hand-forged sword from the Legend of Zelda! This sword is perfect for all fans of the award winning video game, The Legend of Zelda. Now, anyone outside the world of video games can get into the role of Link and face exciting adventures. The blade of this sword is made of 1060 high carbon steel, ensuring its durability...
Legend of Zelda Swords

Link sword with support, Legend of Zelda

74.25 €
Discover the incredible Link Sword with support from the legendary Legend of Zelda video game. This sword is the newest addition to the Zelda Twilight Princess video game saga and is sure to transport you right into the adventure and excitement of this iconic franchise. This sword stands out for its unique and elegant style, with meticulous designs that...
Discover the Legend of Zelda decorative sword with handle and sheath covered in black leatherette! This incredible unofficial model will transport you directly to the world of Zelda and will make you feel like the protagonist of the saga. The sword features an engraved steel blade, giving it an authentic and detailed look. Its 3 cm blade width at the...
The Legend of Zelda

Link Sword, Legend Of Zelda (100 cm.)

36.54 €
Are you a fan of the Legend Of Zelda video game saga? Then this is the perfect sword for you! We present you the replica of Link's sword, the famous main character of this exciting series. With a total length of 100cm, this sword is impressive in both size and detail. The blade of our replica, despite not being official, is made of high-quality stainless...
38.16 €
Discover the impressive Sword of the famous character Link from the Legend of Zelda video game saga! This UNofficial replica will transport you to the exciting world of fantasy and adventure in which this emblematic hero unfolds. Our Link Sword features a strong and sharp stainless steel blade, carefully crafted from blue blade to give it an authentic and...
52.72 €
Enter the magical universe of Tears of the Kingdom with the Unofficial Replica of Zelda's Master Sword! This captivating sword is not only a collector's item, but a window to the magic and adventure of a legendary kingdom. Features that make this sword an exceptional choice: Design Inspired by Tears of the Kingdom: The blue-finished steel blade reflects...
50.58 €
Wield the legendary Master Sword in its most challenging version. Feel the weight of history in your hands with this replica of the broken sword of Link, protagonist of the new installment of the Zelda saga: Tears of the Kingdom. Forged from steel with a flawless finish, this ornamental sword transports you to the heart of Hyrule. A tribute to the epic...
79.10 €
Wield Link's legendary Master Sword and become the hero of Hyrule. This replica of the sword from the popular video game The Legend of Zelda is perfect for fans and collectors. Forged from steel with a 68cm long blade and a wooden handle covered in synthetic leather, this ornamental sword is a high-quality piece that will transport you to the world of...
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We have the Legend Of Zelda Swords available that are true works of art. Swords and scabbards are carefully decorated following identical patterns to those of the video game saga. All a work of art. A series of fantastic swords that are worth replicating for the delight of their fans.

From the 80s to the present it has been evolving with new characters, races, settings, elements.

Beginnings of Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda are video games created by Nintendo by Japanese designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka since 1986. Since their first release they became very popular with great international success.

It includes a TV cartoon series that began airing in 1989 accompanied by books, novels and mangas.

Some Legend of Zelda Characters

  • Ganondorf: Also known as Ganon (human form) and became the Great King of Evil.
  • Link: One of the heroes chosen to defeat evil in each of its chapters.
  • Princess Zelda: She is the princess of Hyrule and guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Legend of Zelda swords

The Legend of Zelda swords that we have are replicas that are only decorative for collectors and lovers of this saga. These swords should not be used or handled under any circumstances as they do not have the required manufacturing measurements to be functional.

They have a fantastic and spectacular design, perfectly recreating the symbols of the video game. The covers have great finishes and are an ideal gift for Legend of Zelda lovers.

The 2 most used Swords in Legend of Zelda

In full combat with the Legend of Zelda Swords

What's so special about Legend of Zelda Swords?

Without a doubt, the care taken in the design of the Legend Of Zelda Swords makes them unique. It is very complicated to make any object from a video game a reality and if it is weapons like the swords in Legend Of Zelda even more so.

Curious Questions

1. What is the origin of the Legend of Zelda saga?

The Legend of Zelda series was created by Nintendo in 1986 by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.

2. What is the main character in most Legend of Zelda games?

Link is the main protagonist in most of the Legend of Zelda games.

3. What is the Triforce of Wisdom?

The Triforce of Wisdom is a magical and powerful item kept by Princess Zelda in the saga.

4. Why aren't Legend of Zelda Swords functional?

The Legend of Zelda Swords are decorative and non-functional replicas, since they do not meet the manufacturing measurements required to be real weapons.

5. What makes Dark Link special in the saga?

Dark Link is the dark side of Link, the protagonist, and represents a unique challenge in the games in the series.

6. What is the importance of the Triforce in the story of Legend of Zelda?

The Triforce is a central element in the plot of Legend of Zelda, as it is a powerful artifact that both heroes and villains fight with in the saga.

7. Where can you find these replicas of the Legend of Zelda Swords?

You can find these replicas of the Legend of Zelda Swords in our store, ideal for collectors and fans of the series.

Collect your Legend of Zelda Sword and embark on the adventure!

Discover our exclusive collection of Legend of Zelda Swords and take home a piece of this legendary saga. Click here to explore our replicas and immerse yourself in the world of Hyrule!

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