greek banners

greek banners

Banner Greek Fighters (70x100 cms.)

23.54 €
Are you a lover of Greek culture and want to show your passion for Greek wrestlers? Look no further, because we have the 70x100 cm Greek Fighters Banner for you. with 4 fabric ribbons at the ends to tie. This banner is resistant to adverse weather conditions, so you can place it both indoors and outdoors without worrying about its durability. In addition,...
greek banners

Banner Greek Gods (70x100 cms.)

23.54 €
The Banner of the Greek Gods of 70x100 cm. It is the perfect accessory for lovers of Greek mythology and culture. With its vibrant and detailed design, this banner captures the essence of the gods and goddesses who ruled Olympus. With its 4 fabric ribbons at the ends, this banner is easy to hang on balconies, event banners, banners or in your room as an...
greek banners

Banner Greek Olympics, Athletics (70x100 cms.)

23.54 €
The Greek Olympics Athletics Banner 70x100 cm. With 4 fabric straps at the ends to tie up, it is the perfect accessory for sports lovers. This banner is dedicated to the exciting world of athletics and pays homage to the ancient Greek Olympic Games. With a width of 70 cm. and a height of 100 cm., this banner is ideal to provide a unique decoration to any...
23.54 €
Do you want to bring a little piece of ancient Greece into your home? Then this Rest and Leisure in Classical Greece banner is perfect for you! With a size of 70x100 cm. And with 4 fabric ribbons at the ends for tying, this banner is not only a beautiful decorative piece, but will also take you back to classical Greece where rest and leisure were valued....
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Immerse yourself in the majesty of Ancient Greece through our collection of Greek Banners. These banners have been meticulously designed with motifs that pay tribute to the Greek and Spartan warriors, as well as the rich cultural heritage of this ancient civilization. Each piece is a masterpiece that captures the essence of classical Greece and turns it into an artistic expression.

Designs Inspired by History

Our Greek Banners feature authentic designs that transport history lovers to a legendary era. Greek warriors, with their impressive Corinthian armor and helmets, are depicted in detail, evoking the bravery and indomitable spirit that characterized the hoplites. The Spartans, famous for their discipline and courage, are also present on these banners, reminding us of their exploits at Thermopylae.

Whether you want to decorate your home with a touch of history or are looking for a unique gift for an ancient Greece enthusiast, our Greek Banners are the perfect choice. Every time you look at these banners, you will be transported to a past full of glory and cultural legacy.

Quality and Durability

At Medieval Store, quality is our top priority. Our Greek Banners are made with high quality materials that guarantee their durability and resistance. The meticulous details in the designs and the choice of authentic colors make these pieces true works of art.

The History of Banners in Ancient Greece

Banners, also known as military standards or war flags, were an essential part of military life in Ancient Greece. Hoplites carried banners to identify units on the battlefield and to maintain cohesion in the phalanx formation. These banners usually carried designs that represented the gods, heroes or symbols of the city-state to which they belonged.

The Spartans, in particular, were known for carrying banners with the letter lambda (Λ), which represented their city, Sparta. The banners were not only symbols of identity, but also of pride and loyalty towards the polis they served.

Frequently Asked Questions about Greek Banners

1. What type of Greek motifs are found on Greek Banners?
The designs include depictions of Greek warriors, hoplites, Spartans and symbols of ancient Greece.

2. What materials are used in the manufacture of the banners?
The Greek Banners are made with high quality materials that guarantee durability and resistance.

3. What was the importance of banners in Ancient Greece?
Banners were essential on the battlefield to identify units and maintain cohesion in the phalanx formation.

4. What does the letter lambda (Λ) symbolize on the Spartan banners?
The letter lambda represented Sparta and was a symbol of identity and loyalty to the city-state.

5. Are Greek Banners suitable as gifts for history enthusiasts?
Yes, these banners are ideal gifts for those who appreciate the history and culture of Ancient Greece.

6. What differentiates Greek Banners from other decorations?
The authenticity of the designs and the quality of the materials make the Greek Banners unique and full of historical significance.

Relive the greatness of Ancient Greece in your home with our Greek Banners. Explore our collection and bring a piece of history into your life!

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