24.14 €
Are you looking for a personalized and unique gift? This flask with heraldic shield of the last name you want is the perfect choice. Made of resistant stainless steel and with a capacity of 88 ml, you can take your favorite drink with you everywhere. In addition, it has a screw cap, ensuring that not a drop is spilled. The personalized flask with the...

Roman Centurion Hip Flask in Stainless Steel

19.14 €
If you are a lover of ancient history and you are passionate about Roman culture, this Roman Centurion Hip Flask is the perfect complement for you. Made of high quality Stainless Steel, this flask not only allows you to take your favorite drink with you, but is also a true tribute to the brave centurions who were part of the Roman army. With a capacity of...

Stainless Steel Pirate Skull Hip Flask

19.14 €
Are you a lover of adventure and intrigue? Have you always been drawn to the fascinating world of pirates? Then this flask is perfect for you! We present the Stainless Steel Pirate Skull Hip Flask, a unique and exclusive item specially designed for those who feel the passion for the mysterious corsairs of the seas. With a capacity of 88 ml, you can enjoy...

Stainless Steel Templar Seal Flask

19.14 €
Are you a fan of medieval history and Templar culture? Then this flask with the Templar Seal is perfect for you! This high quality hip flask is made of Stainless Steel, which guarantees its durability and resistance. Its unique design includes the emblematic Templar Seal, which adds a touch of mystery and fascination to this accessory. With a capacity of...

Stainless Steel Knights Templar Hip Flask

19.14 €
Are you a fan of the Knights Templar? Do you like to carry with you a special and exclusive object that identifies you with them? Then this Knights Templar Flask is perfect for you. Made of high quality Stainless Steel, this hip flask is strong and durable, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Its elegant and sophisticated design,...
19.14 €
The Guardian Templar Knight Flask in Stainless Steel is the perfect accessory for lovers of history and tradition. Made with high-quality materials, this hip flask stands out for its elegant and resistant design. Designed in Stainless Steel, this flask guarantees durability and resistance, which makes it an excellent option to accompany you on any...
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Flasks with Historical Motifs: A Toast to the Medieval Era

Medieval drinking flasks are much more than just containers for liquids; They are authentic works of art that transport us to bygone eras. From the Templars and Vikings to the Celts, Romans, Greeks, Spartans and pirates, these flasks are a window into the history and culture of different civilizations. In this article, we will explore the diversity of flasks with historical motifs and their relevance today.

A Templar Toast

Templar flasks are a tribute to the Order of the Temple, one of the most influential orders of knights of the Middle Ages. These flasks are decorated with Templar symbols, such as the paté cross and the seal of the order. Drinking from a Templar flask is like joining the knights on their mission to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Vikings, Celts and their Libations

Viking and Celtic flasks are adorned with ancestral motifs that represent the essence of these cultures. From intricate Celtic knots to Norse symbols like the Vegvisir, drinking from a Celtic or Viking flask is connecting with the spirituality and bravery of these civilizations.

Flasks for Antique Lovers

Roman, Greek and Spartan flasks transport us to classical antiquity. These pieces are designed with elements that evoke the greatness of Rome, Greek philosophy and the bravery of the Spartans. Drinking from a flask with ancient motifs is like raising a toast at a historical banquet.

The Pirate Voyage

For lovers of life on the high seas, pirate flasks are a treasure. With skulls, swords and nautical motifs, these flasks immerse us in the era of privateers and buccaneers. Each drink is a reminder of the audacity of the pirates who sailed the seas in search of adventure and treasure.

Curious Questions and Answers

What does the pâté cross on Templar flasks symbolize?
The pâté cross is a Templar symbol that represents the devotion and divine protection of the Templar Order.

What is the meaning of Celtic knots on Celtic-Viking flasks?
Celtic knots symbolize eternity and unity, reflecting the rich Celtic spirituality.

What elements usually decorate pirate flasks?
Pirate flasks are decorated with skulls, swords, black flags and other nautical motifs that evoke life on the high seas.

Where can you find flasks with historical motifs?
You can find flasks with historical motifs in online stores specializing in collectibles and historical replicas.

Elevate your toast with flasks that tell the story! Discover our selection and travel back in time with every sip.

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