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Lupine III Swords

27.18 €
The Lupine Ishikawa Goemon Decorative Katana is the perfect accessory for fans of Japanese manga. Inspired by the famous character Lupine, this decorative katana is a true treasure for collectors and lovers of Japanese culture. This katana is made with a high-quality carbon steel blade, which guarantees its durability and resistance. In addition, it has a...
64.23 €
Bring home the powerful set consisting of Ishikawa Goemon's Katana, wakizashi and tanto decorations, straight from the exciting Japanese manga Lupine! This set is made with a high-quality carbon steel blade and a wooden handle that gives it an authentic and striking look. The set includes a lacquered and decorated wooden sheath, which will not only...
27.18 €
Decorative katana of Goemon Ishikawa, the legendary outlaw hero of the Japanese manga, Lupine III. This katana, with a length of 100 cm, is a detailed replica of the weapon used by Goemon in his adventures. Its blade is made of carbon steel and its handle is made of wood, which gives it an authentic appearance and great durability. In addition, it comes...
27.18 €
This is the decorative katana of Goemon Ishikawa, an iconic character from the Japanese manga Lupine III. This sword is made with a steel blade and a wooden hilt, which gives it an authentic and elegant look. In addition, it is accompanied by a wooden case engraved with special texts. If you are a manga fan and want to decorate your space with related...
62.48 €
Acquire this incredible Katana+wakizashi+decorative tanto set and immerse yourself in the fascinating story of the Japanese manga Lupine III together with its iconic character Goemon Ishikawa! This set is carefully crafted with a carbon steel blade and a wooden handle, which guarantees its durability and authenticity. Each piece has a wooden case adorned...
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Swords and Katanas from the Lupine III Series: The Elegance of the Gentle Thief

Embark on an adventure full of intrigue and style with the swords and katanas of the Lupine III series. At Tienda-Medieval, we offer a complete collection of all the swords and katanas that appear in the manga Lupine III, created by Monkey Punch and published in the Japanese magazine Weekly Manga Action. These weapons are an essential part of the world of Lupine III, where the legendary master thief, Lupine, and his team carry out exciting robberies and exploits.

Lupine III is known for its unique blend of action, comedy and elegance. The series follows the adventures of Lupine III, grandson of the famous thief Arsène Lupin, as he steals treasures and faces formidable enemies. The swords and katanas featured in the series are both deadly weapons and pieces of art, and in this article, we will explore in detail these fascinating weapons that add a touch of class to the antics of Lupine and his team.

The Style and Elegance of the Swords in Lupine III

Lupine III's swords and katanas reflect the sophistication of the series. Each weapon is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, with exquisite detail and expert handling. Lupine, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko, the main characters, are skilled swordsmen and use these weapons masterfully in dangerous situations.

In addition to their functionality in combat, these swords are also symbols of status and power. Lupine III not only hunts for treasure, but also appreciates works of art and valuable swords. Weapons become key elements in the plots and challenges that the characters face.

A Collection of Authentic Swords

If you're a fan of Lupine III and want to have a piece of this iconic series in your collection, you're in luck. In our online store, we offer a wide selection of authentic replicas of Lupine III's swords and katanas. Each of these weapons is carefully designed to capture their beauty and authenticity, allowing you to bring a piece of the world of Lupine III into your life.

Curious Questions about Lupine III's Swords and Katanas

Who are the main characters of Lupine III?

The main characters of Lupine III are Lupine, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko, who form a team of thieves and adventurers.

Why are swords important in the series?

Swords are both deadly weapons and symbols of status and power in Lupine III, and often play a crucial role in the characters' plots and challenges.

What elements stand out in the style of Lupine III?

Lupine III is characterized by its mix of action, comedy and elegance, with charismatic characters and exciting adventures.

Where can I find replicas of Lupine III's swords?

You can find authentic replicas of Lupine III's swords and katanas in our online store, precision-crafted for fans of the series.

What is the main focus of Lupine III?

Lupine III focuses on the adventures of Lupine and his team as they steal treasure, take on enemies, and seek excitement and fun in the process.

What makes these swords and katanas special?

Each Lupine III sword and katana is a work of art in itself, with exquisite detail and unique meaning in the series, making them fascinating pieces for Lupine III fans.

Add a touch of elegance and adventure to your collection with our Lupine III replica swords and katanas!
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