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Natural Viking horn casting and polishing 22-25 cms cow. long, to make it sound like real Vikings. Each horn is different design to be of natural materials, which makes them unique. It includes a clamp leather, choose...
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Animal Horns

Horn is a bended osseus part of the animal which stands out from the upper zone of the head. Horns have above all a defensive function but sometimes they hava an offensive one. They are normally used for making extraordinary and singular items.

Viking Horns

When we talk about horns, surely, what firstly will come to our minds is a viking horn. We must take into account that there are not official sources claiming that viking helmets had horns, given that it is said that they were generally used as trumpets or glasses. Horns were held attached to the belt with a leather stripe called baldric.  We have in our catalogue several replicas of horns related to viking mythology and History.

  • Olaf's Horn
  • Ragnar's Horn
  • Freya's Horn
  • Olga's Horn

Horns' uses

As we have mentionned before, an animal horn can be used to make a huge variety of items which can be seen as complement in medieval fairs. Such as:

  • Drinking Horns: They are empty and sanitized, but also specially designed for drink consumption.
  • Jar Horns: Jars They are specially designed for drinking consumption and made of animal horns.
  • Sounding Horns: It is a hollow and non-pointed horn.
  • Zip bags: A zip made of animal horns.
  • Powder Compact Horns: They are ancient poweder recipents with a cover in its widest part and a metal point to ration the powder.

100 % Natural Horns

Our horns are a 100% naturals and they are made in Spain or other european countries. Every single horn has its own size, colours, bend...that's why we can consider that is pratically impossible to find two identical horns. They usually are in the following colours, black, grey, brown and beige. 

Some of them show: Light or dark spots, dark point, striped colours... Horns can also be shown with a baldric (black, brown) which is normally attached to the belt, besides we also sell supports to keep them when we do not use them.

If you want to dress as a viking, you are looking for an original glass or a unique piece of collection; we recommend you to buy a viking horn. This a relevant historical complement which can not be missed in a viking costume.

Our horns are made in Europe by means of handmade manufacturing. If you need more information about its production process or you just want to know about its characteristics, we will be glad to help you. Do you have any further questions?



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