Forge torch apply 1 light (114x26 cms.)

Forjas Domingo Torres
133.80 €
The 1-light wrought iron torch wall light is the perfect complement for medieval and period decorations. Its handmade design, made by blacksmiths in Spain, gives it a unique and authentic charm. With a height of 114 cms. and a width of 26 cm., this wall lamp adapts to any space, whether indoors or outdoors. The material used in its manufacture is wrought...

Forge torch apply 1 light (46x21 cms.)

Forjas Domingo Torres
98.97 €
Apply handmade wrought iron torch 1 light. Ideal for medieval and period decorations. The bulb is NOT included. This forging torch applique is the perfect complement to your medieval and period decorations. With its handmade design and its warm light, it creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere in any space. What makes this sconce so special? Its...

Apply wrought iron torch 2 lights (46x40 cms.)

Forjas Domingo Torres
200.78 €
Are you looking to give a medieval and period touch to your home? Then you cannot miss the 2-light forge torch wall light. This magnificent light fixture is designed in an artisan style and hand forged by skilled blacksmiths in Spain. One of the advantages of this wall lamp is its manufacturing material: wrought iron. This gives it exceptional strength...

Apply torch forge, 1 light

Forjas Domingo Torres
40.32 €
Apply handmade wrought iron torch 1 light. Ideal for medieval and period decorations. The bulb is NOT included. This wrought iron torch wall light is the perfect complement to create authentic environments full of charm. Its handmade design, made by blacksmiths in Spain, guarantees the quality and authenticity of each piece. Made of wrought iron, this...

Medieval candle holder in hand-forged iron

Lord of Battles
4.95 €
Add beautiful details to your medieval or contemporary setting with this candle holder, securely affixed to your walls. It is well designed to add a vintage rustic touch to your decor; It can also be a great accessory for your seeker or wanderer character. HAND FORGED from strong IRON, this candle holder is very strong and will last for many years. Its...
9.91 €
This 12cm long candle holder has been skilfully hand forged from sturdy iron and has a rustic appeal that adds to its medieval look. In addition to being a functional piece of equipment for your daily use, it is an ideal tool for recreations. When you're just a tunnel away from your destination, a lit candle in our medieval candle holder will take you...

medieval torch holder

House of Warfare
10.74 €
This medieval torch holder is the perfect option for those who like to recreate historical and epic battles. Crafted with skill and care, this stand has been hand forged to ensure authenticity and durability. One of the main advantages of this torch holder is its versatility. Designed to be nailed directly into the ground, you can create a magical and...

Medieval wrought iron candlestick, 1 candle

Pera Peris
10.26 €
Attention, lovers of history and medieval decoration! Here is your chance to purchase a hand-forged medieval chandelier that will impress you with its authenticity and beauty! This chandelier was widely used in homes from the Middle Ages to modern times and provided atmospheric lighting with beeswax candles. Hand forged from a single piece of iron, the...
19.53 €
Add a medieval touch to your home with this handmade adjustable chandelier. Hand-forged from sturdy iron and finished with a handle-fitted spout, this sconce is perfect for illuminating any room or outdoor space. Best of all, the height of the candle holder can be easily adjusted by turning the handle, making it ideal to suit your needs. With a height of...

Fantasy resin candlestick dragon tower model (10 cm.)

Tole10 Imperial
10.63 €
The Torre Dagón model fantasy resin chandelier takes you to a world of mystery and charm in the lighting of your spaces. This chandelier is not just an object, it is a work of art that will give a magical touch to your environment! Distinctive features of this chandelier: Dagón Tower Design in Resin: With a design inspired by the mystical Dagón Tower,...

Field support to put torches (100 cm.)

Battle Merchant
13.98 €
Create a magical medieval atmosphere with our 100cm Field Torch Stand! Designed to easily stick into earthen surfaces, this holder allows you to create a torch walkway that evokes the essence and charm of medieval times. Made from hand-forged steel, this stand is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, crafted from a single piece of steel to ensure strength and...

Osbert oil lamp in threaded wrought iron (95 cm.)

Battle Merchant
30.58 €
Light up your home with the magic of history: Oseberg Oil Lamp. Travel through time and bring the warmth of the Viking Age into your home with the Oseberg Oil Lamp, an authentic replica of a hand-forged lamp found in an ancient Viking burial mound near Tønsberg in the Oslo Fjord. A masterpiece of Viking craftsmanship: Handcrafted from wrought iron and...
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Medieval torches made of wrought iron are authentic decorative jewels that transport any environment to the magical medieval era. Designed in a rustic and artisanal way, these torches are ideal for decorating castles, themed bars, medieval halls or wineries that seek to capture the essence of times past. In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about these fascinating pieces.

Forging is the art of shaping metal with fire and hammer, and when applied to the creation of medieval torches, the result is impressive. Each torch is unique, with carefully crafted details that give it an authentic and rustic look. From the ornate supports to the aged finishes, these torches are true works of art that evoke the medieval atmosphere in an unparalleled way.

Choosing medieval wrought iron torches for your decoration is a decision that will add a touch of historical authenticity and a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any space. These pieces will not only brighten your gathering places, but will also awaken the imagination and adventurous spirit of all who see them.

The Forge as a Medieval Art

Forging has been an essential skill in medieval life, used to create everything from armor to decorative elements such as torches. Medieval craftsmen were experts in handling metal and used traditional techniques that have been passed down through the centuries. The creation of medieval forged torches continues to be a testament to this artisanal tradition.

Wrought iron is the main material used in the manufacture of medieval torches, and its durability is legendary. The torches can withstand inclement weather, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its rustic design fits perfectly into medieval settings and provides soft, cozy lighting that complements the atmosphere.

If you are looking to add an authentic touch of the Middle Ages to your surroundings, there is no better option than medieval wrought iron torches. Every time you light one of these torches, you'll feel transported back to a time of knights, ladies, and adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medieval Torches

  • What is the historical origin of medieval torches?
    Torches were a common light source in the Middle Ages, used in castles, fortresses and homes of the time to illuminate spaces at night.
  • Are medieval torches safe to use indoors?
    Yes, medieval torches are designed to be safe indoors, as long as proper precautions are taken and the manufacturer's instructions are followed.
  • Can medieval torches be used outdoors?
    Yes, these torches are ideal for outdoor use. They are resistant to weather conditions and can illuminate gardens, patios and outdoor areas spectacularly.
  • Can medieval torches be personalized?
    Some artisans offer customization services, allowing you to tailor the design of the torches to your specific preferences.
  • How are medieval torches maintained?
    To maintain the beauty of medieval torches, it is recommended to clean them regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Additionally, it is important to check and replace torch wicks periodically.
  • Where can I buy medieval forging torches?
    You can find a variety of medieval wrought iron torches in stores specializing in medieval decoration or online through artisan and e-commerce websites.

Don't miss the opportunity to incorporate the magic of medieval forged torches into your environment. Add a touch of history and elegance to your spaces with these unique and authentic pieces.

Transform your environment and relive medieval times with these torches that will transport you back in time!

Light up your life with medieval charm!

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