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    This effective knife is a copy of an English bowie made for the United States. The blade is hand-forged in carbon steel. This knife has dark-tone polished wood scales that cover the entire spike. It has all the steel parts to match the blade. Includes leather case.

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    Bowie knife used by the Confederates in the American Civil War. It is functional. Blade made of carbon steel.

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    Maldon Seax knife mounted as a sword with carbon steel sheet finished 1065 with old andsharpened. Espiga very wide and tempered with a hardness of 50 HRC. It includes cover with matching belt clip.

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    The first bowie knives were large, strong and sharp. Despite the size of this Bowie, the total weight is only 680 gr. The wooden handle is 13 cm and the brass guard is 12 cm. Includes leather case.

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    Scuba knife with blade in carbon steel, handle in wood and knob and ferrule in brass. Includes leather strap. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®. It is strong and strong that was used until Vietnam by special bodies such as UDT and SEALS. A true beauty and is ideal for any collector of military or maritime items.

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    The Ames Bowie 1830 knife is a replica of 1085 carbon steel forged by hand. It has a silver guard, a one-piece handle with a rectangular wooden handle that is fastened with four silver pins, each with a small silver square bezel, with silver inlays on each side. Includes black leather case with brass tip. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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