Children's guns

Wooden shotgun for children (61 cm.)
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Children's guns

Wooden shotgun for children (61 cm.)

Tole10 Imperial
7.23 €
Get ready for Western-style fun with the Tole 10 Imperial Kids Wooden Shotgun! Measuring 24 inches long, this toy shotgun offers hours of safe and exciting entertainment for little adventurers. Made from high-quality wood and designed to be safe and easy to use, this shotgun shoots included rubber bands, providing an authentic imaginative play experience....
Children's guns

Wooden gun for children (21 cm.)

Tole10 Imperial
7.50 €
Get ready for Western-style fun with the Tole 10 Imperial Kids Wooden Shotgun! Measuring 21cm in length, this toy shotgun is the perfect tool for little adventurers to enjoy exciting role-playing games. Made from high-quality wood and designed with children's safety in mind, this shotgun shoots included rubber bands, providing an authentic imaginative...
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Toy guns have been a source of fun for children of all generations. From classic water guns to the latest dart guns, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Explore our recommendations and discover the best guns for children, fun is guaranteed!

Water Guns: Refresh Your Outdoor Games

Water guns are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Ideal for hot summer days, these toy guns provide hours of entertainment in the backyard, at the beach or by the pool. With a variety of sizes, designs, and range capabilities, you'll find the perfect water gun for your water adventures.

Nerf Guns: Experience Epic Foam Battles

Nerf guns have revolutionized the world of home war gaming. With their innovative design and foam firing technology, these toy weapons offer a realistic and safe combat experience for children of all ages. From compact pistols to sniper rifles, there's a Nerf gun for every play style.

Dart Guns: Improve your Accuracy and Dexterity

Dart guns are perfect for those looking to improve their aim and shooting skills. With a variety of models ranging from classic blowguns to sophisticated airsoft guns, kids can enjoy exciting shooting competitions both indoors and outdoors.

Toy Guns with Lights and Sounds: Immerse yourself in a Fantasy World

Toy guns with lights and sounds offer an immersive play experience that stimulates children's imagination. With flashing light effects and realistic firing sounds, these toy weapons add an extra level of excitement to any pretend play.

Themed Toy Guns: Embark on Epic Adventures

Themed toy guns inspired by movies, television series and video games allow children to recreate their favorite scenes and immerse themselves in fantasy worlds. Whether fighting aliens in space or battling villains in distant lands, these toy weapons bring the most exciting adventures to life.

Collectible Toy Guns: Get Unique Treasures

Collectible toy guns are every collector's dream. Featuring detailed replicas of historical and fictional weapons, these unique pieces offer a perfect blend of nostalgia and authenticity. Whether displayed in a display case or added to a growing collection, these toy guns are true gems for hobbyists.

Educational Toy Guns: Learn and Have Fun at the Same Time

Educational toy guns are a great way to combine fun and learning. From target guns that teach math skills to science guns that explore the principles of physics, these toy guns encourage kids' cognitive development and creativity while having fun.

Are Nerf guns safe for young children?

Nerf guns are designed with safe materials and are recommended for children over 8 years old under proper supervision.

How can I clean a water gun after use?

Most water guns can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap. It is important to make sure you dry all parts well to prevent mold buildup.

What precautions should I take when using dart guns?

It is important to wear protective glasses when playing with dart guns to avoid eye injuries. Additionally, it should be played in a safe area and away from fragile objects.

What is the best way to store toy guns?

Toy guns should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably on a designated shelf or box to prevent damage or loss.

Are toy guns with lights and sounds safe for children's ears?

Toy guns with lights and sounds are designed to produce sounds at levels safe for children. However, it is recommended not to expose yourself to them for long periods of time.

Discover your perfect toy gun and start the fun today! With our wide selection of kids guns, you'll find the perfect toy gun to meet your play and entertainment needs. Don't wait any longer and add a touch of excitement to your adventures with our high-quality guns!

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