Articulated arm Germany S. XIV (1 unit)
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Shoulder pads

Articulated arm Germany S. XIV (1 unit)

Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB)
102.61 € 146.58 €
The Alemania S. XIV articulated arm is a unique and exclusive product that will transport you to medieval times. Inspired by the armor used in Germany during the 15th century, this articulated arm has an impeccable and detailed design that will make you look like a true knight. The articulated arm is carefully crafted from leather and mild steel, ensuring...

Medieval Jack Chains

Epic Armoury
61.16 €
Discover the incredible medieval Jack Chains from Epic Armoury, the metal arm protections that will transport you to the 15th century. These Jack Chains are made up of 4 articulated plates with rings, which gives you exceptional mobility and flexibility during your combats or historical representations. The material used in the manufacture of these Jack...

Medieval elbow pads, pair

Epic Armoury
71.90 €
Are you passionate about medieval times? Do you love recreating knightly battles and tournaments? Then these medieval elbow pads are just right for you. Made of steel with self-adjusting leather buckles, they will provide you with the necessary protection without sacrificing style and authenticity. With a thickness of 1.0 mm. / 19ga, these medieval elbow...

Medieval armor for the arms

170.48 €
Medieval arm armor is an essential item for any warrior looking for protection in their battles. Constructed of articulated steel plates, this armor ensures full mobility, allowing the wearer to easily function on the battlefield. This armor is characterized by its excellent quality, thanks to the reputation of the German manufacturer Ulfberth. With years...

Gladiator articulated arm protector

Battle Merchant
57.73 €
Get ready to enter the arena and fight like a true Roman gladiator with the Gladiator Articulated Arm Protector! This incredible accessory is made of high-quality steel sheets, guaranteeing optimal protection for your arm during combat. You won't have to worry about comfort, since this protector has adjustable buckles and a soft leather interior that...
Viking bracelets

viking steel bracelet

33.98 €
Do you want to feel like a real Viking warrior? Then this Viking steel bracelet is what you are looking for. Authentic and robust in design, this bracelet is comprised of five steel bands riveted to two hard leather straps, giving it strength and durability. One of the main advantages of this bracelet is its perfect fit. Thanks to the brass buckles on the...

Pair of medieval steel elbow pads

74.23 €
Protect your elbows like the authentic medieval warriors with these elbow pads made of 2mm thick steel. Ideal for historical reenactors and fans of the Middle Ages, these elbow pads have been carefully crafted by the renowned German manufacturer Ulfberth. Medieval elbow pads are designed with riveted segments that guarantee excellent resistance and...

Paladin Full Arm Protection

Epic Armoury
152.89 €
Are you looking for a complete arm protection that gives you security and style at the same time? Do not look any further! We've got just what you need: Epic Armoury's Paladin Full Arm Protection. This incredible piece of armor is made up of two high-quality metal pieces that will guarantee you optimal protection during your battles. In addition, its...

Guerrero Noble Shoulders

Epic Armoury
93.39 €
Protect your arms like a true Noble Warrior with these impressive leather elbow guards. Designed to withstand any type of abuse, whether in a LARP or historical reenactment, these armor pieces will give you maximum protection without compromising your mobility. Constructed of tough, full-grain leather, these elbow braces are synonymous with quality and...

Medieval arm guards, black finish

Epic Armoury
83.47 €
Are you looking for reliable protection for your arms during your medieval battles? Look no further, because we have the perfect medieval arm protectors for you. With a sleek black finish, these protectors will not only keep you safe, but also make you look incredibly powerful on the battlefield. Our medieval arm guards are designed to give you the...

Braces of Milanese Armor, polished finish

Epic Armoury
90.91 €
The polished finish Milanese Armor Bracers are the perfect addition to any low fantasy armor set. Designed to protect the elbows, including the sides and a portion of the arms, these elbow guards will frustrate even the most skilled rogue. The shape of these braces is not only designed to block blows, but also to safely deflect them. Thanks to its curved...

Medieval arm guards, polished finish

Epic Armoury
70.25 €
Protect your arms like a true medieval warrior with our medieval arm guards with a polished finish. Designed to provide full protection to the outside of your arms, this handcrafted armor is made from 1mm thick steel, ensuring strength and durability. One of the outstanding features of these protectors is their fastening system. They are connected by...

Braces of Milanese Armor, dark finish

Epic Armoury
103.31 €
The Dark Finish Milanese Armor Bracers are the perfect addition to your low fantasy armor. Designed to protect the elbows, sides, and a portion of the arms, these elbow guards will frustrate even the most skilled rogue. Its shape is designed not only to block blows, but also to deflect them safely. These elbow braces feature a curved shelf that is riveted...
135.98 €
Protect your arms as the brave warriors of the Middle Ages did with our medieval protectors with elbow pads inspired by the models used during the 14th century. Designed with the utmost attention to historical detail, these protectors will give you both functionality and authenticity. Protection of the arm is guaranteed thanks to the codal, a hinged...
81.82 €
The Medieval Elbow Guards with Side Protection and Dark Finish are an epic choice for those looking to protect their elbows during battle. Carefully designed, these elbow guards offer full elbow protection, including the sides and top of the forearms. Constructed with overlapping plates, these elbow braces provide exceptional comfort and flexibility,...

Bracers and elbows of medieval steel armor

Epic Armoury
81.82 €
Protect your arms and elbows effectively with Epic Armoury's medieval steel armor bracers and elbow guards. These accessories are essential for anyone looking to stay protected on a chaotic battlefield. This pair of bracers is designed with flexible elbow guards and bracers attached to comfortable leather that enclose and protect the entire forearm. In...
111.57 €
Arm protectors from the Captain series from Epic Armoury. Available in glorious polished steel designed to emphasize servitude and privilege. It is equipped with leather straps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit that will serve you well when engaged in warfare skirmishes. Epic Armoury's Captain Series Arm Guards are the perfect addition to any fearless...
123.97 €
Arm protectors from the Captain series from Epic Armoury. Available in glorious Epic Dark style black steel designed to emphasize servitude and privilege. It is equipped with leather straps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit that will serve you well when engaged in warfare skirmishes. Are you ready to become a real Captain of the battle? With Epic...

Jack Chains type armor in 2 mm steel.

57.73 €
Jack Chains type armor in 2 mm steel. A pair of 2mm thick steel Jack Chains, handmade, for sewing, knotting, riveting or tying gambeson sleeves. Jack-Chains were an important part of infantry armor in late medieval times. As infantrymen were generally not protected by plate armor, but instead wore a padded doublet, the so-called arming-jack or gambeson,...

Full articulated medieval arm Knight

Lord of Battles
123.96 €
Discover the Knight's complete articulated medieval arm, an authentic jewel designed and crafted by hand with 16 gauge mild steel. This product is perfect for those lovers of the medieval era who seek to live epic adventures in LARP or medieval fairs. Imagine the thrill of facing your enemies, agile and swift, while protecting your body with these...

Medieval mild steel elbow guard, S. XIII-XIV

Lord of Battles
41.31 €
Discover the authentic medieval essence with our Mild Steel Medieval Elbow Pad, inspired by the armor of the 13th-14th centuries. Each of our elbow pads has been meticulously handcrafted with the aim of offering you a product of the highest quality and authenticity. Made of strong 16 gauge mild steel, our elbow pads are fully functional and specially...

Padded medieval elbow pads, mild steel

Lord of Battles
49.58 €
Discover the incredible handmade padded medieval elbow pads by the prestigious Lord of Battles brand. These elbow pads are made from heavy-duty 16 gauge mild steel, making them heavy-duty, fully functional pieces. The quality of these elbow pads is not only found in their construction material, but also in their interior design. They have a well-designed...

German medieval elbow pads, XV century

Lord of Battles
66.11 €
Discover our pair of German Medieval Elbow Pads from the 15th Century! These steel and police elbow couters are the perfect addition to your knightly armour. Painstakingly handcrafted from durable 16 gauge mild steel, these elbow pads are fully functional for recreating late medieval knightly battles. Their impeccable design allows them to fit perfectly...

Italian functional arm armor

Lord of Battles
131.40 €
Discover the elegance and protection of the functional arm Italian Armor. Directly inspired by Italian originals from the late Middle Ages, these historical bracers will offer you a substantial level of protection while keeping movement restrictions to a minimum. Our skilled craftsmen have crafted these bracers from quality mild steel, ensuring their...

Medieval elbow pads in polished steel

36.28 €
Are you passionate about the medieval era? Do you love reliving the epic battles of yesteryear? Then these polished steel medieval elbow pads are perfect for you. The medieval elbow pads from the Spanish brand Rawblade are ideal to complete your LARP (live role-playing game) costume with authenticity and style. They are made of high quality mild steel,...
Shoulder pads

Set of medieval arm armor with shoulder pad

Lord of Battles
165.28 €
Discover the Lord of Battles Medieval Arm Armor Set with Shoulder Pad! This set of late medieval armor with asymmetric shoulder pads is the perfect choice for your next event. These stunning pieces are precision-engineered and handcrafted from 16-gauge mild steel, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. Thanks to its mild steel material, these...

Medieval armor arm and steel pauldrons

Battle Merchant
212.27 €
Are you passionate about medieval history and have you always dreamed of having authentic armor that will transport you to those epic times? Do not look any further! We present you the imposing Medieval Arm Armor and Steel Shoulder Pads. This magnificent armor is designed to give you maximum protection and realism in your historical re-enactments. Its...

Full arm protection model Gawain

132.15 €
Protect your arms with the full protection Gawain model! Introducing the Gawain Full Arm Protection, the ultimate armor for larpers and re-enactors alike. Crafted from strong mild steel and equipped with backs, bow and forearm guards, this piece of armor offers full coverage for your arms. Secured securely with straps and buckles, it can easily be added...

Padded steel elbow braces for medieval warrior

Lord of Battles
45.45 €
Dominate the Medieval Battlefield with Lord of Battles Steel and Padded Braces. Prepare to face the intensity of medieval combat with Lord of Battles padded steel elbow guards. Designed for the brave warrior who desires authenticity and functionality in their outfits, these elbow guards not only provide you with protection, but also add a touch of history...
37.11 €
Prepare for battle with these stunning medieval codals inspired by the 14th century! Designed to provide optimal protection and authentic style, these codals are a must-have addition to your medieval combat gear. Featured Features: 14th Century Inspired Design: These codals are inspired by 14th century designs, offering historical authenticity that will...
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Codals, also known as elbow pads, are an essential part of armor that have been used throughout history to provide protection for the elbows of warriors and knights. These pieces not only fulfill a protective function, but also play a crucial role in the articulation of the arm and forearm protections. In this article, we will explore the historical importance of codals and their relationship to an integral piece known as Jackchains.

The Evolution of Codals Throughout History

Elbows have their roots in ancient times, where warriors and soldiers of various civilizations understood the need to protect their elbows during battle. In the Middle Ages, plate armor became the norm, and codals became more sophisticated and articulated. These elbow pads allowed for greater flexibility and movement in combat, while also providing solid protection against blows and cuts to this vulnerable area of the body.

As time went by, codals evolved even more, adopting different styles and designs according to the fashion and needs of the time. From the elaborate Renaissance codals to the more functional and simple ones of the World Wars, these pieces of armor have witnessed the evolution of warfare and technology. Today, elbow pads are used in contact sports and personal protection activities, keeping their tradition of elbow protection alive.

The Role of Jackchains in Comprehensive Protection

While codals are essential for protecting the elbows, it is also essential to mention the role of Jackchains in historical armor. Jackchains are additional pieces that connect the arm and forearm guards, ensuring that the armor is articulated and allows proper range of motion. These chains were crucial in ensuring that the warrior could easily maneuver on the battlefield without compromising his safety.

In short, Codals and Jackchains represent the careful engineering and craftsmanship that went into historical armor. Its evolution over the centuries reflects humanity's adaptability to create effective solutions for personal protection in combat situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Codals

  • What is the main function of the codals?

    Codals are primarily used to protect the elbows from injury during combat, whether in ancient times or in modern contact sports.

  • When did codals originate?

    Codals have a long history dating back to ancient times, with examples of their use in various civilizations over the centuries.

  • How important are codals in medieval armor?

    In the Middle Ages, codals were essential in plate armor, providing protection and allowing the mobility necessary for combat.

  • How have codal designs evolved over time?

    Codal designs have evolved significantly, adapting to the fashions and needs of different eras, from Renaissance codals to modern ones.

  • Are codals still used today?

    Yes, elbow pads are still used in contact sports and activities requiring elbow protection, proving their long-lasting usefulness.

  • What function do Jackchains serve in historical armor?

    The Jackchains connect the arm and forearm protections, ensuring that the armor is articulated and allows proper range of motion for the warrior.

In conclusion, codals are an essential part of the history of personal protection and armor, demonstrating their relevance throughout the centuries. Whether in the past or today, its function remains essential to safeguard the elbows in risky situations.

Be sure to explore our selection of elbow protectors and protect your elbows like the warriors of yesteryear did!

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