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    Legs medieval chainmail used during the XI-XV centuries. Mesh legs are made entirely by hand of interlocking metal rings and leather straps bear to be adjusted. These pieces completely cover the legs. It includes partner.

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    Mens wool tights. Replacing the current garment trousers. Addition to any outfit medieval and Renaissance times. Made of 100% wool. Garment recommended for Recreation and Historic LARP.

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    Medieval armor protection functional leg. It Includes 2 pieces to protect both legs. They are made of mild steel of 1.2 mm. thick, wear buckles and leather straps behind and are articulated.

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    articulated medieval armor for the legs and knees. Made of mild steel of 1.8 mm. thick. It is suitable for combat and recreation. It includes leather straps and buckles to fix the pieces along the leg. It includes the couple.

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    The Viking greba is composed of 7 steel strips of 2 mm. riveted to 3 hard leather straps. The straps are adjusted by brass buckles.

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