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Two-handed Kriegmesser saber

Jiri Krondak
427.75 €
Two-handed Kriegmesser saber. A functional piece forged in carbon steel and pommel and guard in steel. The Kriegmesser saber was a large, curved, single-edged sword designed to be wielded with two hands. Discover the impeccable craftsmanship of this historic weapon made by Jiri Krondak, a prestigious gunsmith with international fame. If you are looking...

German Official Saber Lion Head

Battle Merchant
119.98 €
Discover the impressive German Official Saber with a lion's head, an authentic jewel for lovers of history and elegance. This saber has been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure the highest quality and an imposing appearance. The blade of this Official German Saber is made of EN45 carbon steel, which gives it exceptional resistance and...

Saber Blücher Prussian cavalry

Battle Merchant
98.98 €
The Blücher Saber of the Prussian cavalry is a product that will transport you to times of glory and heroism. This magnificent saber is designed with a polished carbon steel blade, which gives it an imposing appearance and great resistance. In addition, its leather-covered steel handle gives it a firm and comfortable grip. One of the advantages of this...
functional swords

short dussack saber

Jiri Krondak
120.00 €
The short Dussack Saber is a true gem for lovers of history and combat weapons. This saber, made by the master gunsmith Jiri Krondak in the prestigious Czech Republic, is a functional model from the late Middle Ages. One of the main advantages of this saber is its indisputable quality. Jiri Krondak is internationally recognized for his skills in forging...
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German military sabers have been symbols of distinction and power on the battlefield for centuries. With a rich history and exceptional craftsmanship, these sabers have endured over time as iconic pieces of German military culture. In this article, we will explore the different types of German sabers, from officer sabers to the legendary Blücher and Kriegmesser sabers.

German Officer's Sabers

German officer sabers are known for their elegance and sophistication. These sabers have traditionally been used as part of the uniform of officers in the German Army. Its design features a sharp blade and a hilt decorated with ornamental details, often including the coat of arms of Germany. These sabers are not only functional weapons, but also symbols of status and honor in the German armed forces.

The tradition of German officer sabers dates back to the 18th century, and over the years, they have undergone various modifications in their design. However, their quality and craftsmanship have endured, making them highly coveted pieces by collectors and military history enthusiasts.

Blucher Sabers

Blücher sabers are a type of German saber that owes its name to the famous Prussian marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher. These sabers are characterized by their curved and sharp blade, designed to make effective cuts on the battlefield. Its handle is usually simple and functional, allowing a firm grip during combat.

Blücher sabers were frequently used in the Napoleonic Wars and other historical battles. Their design and versatility made them popular weapons among German soldiers of the time. Today, Blücher sabers are prized collector's items for their connection to Germany's military history.

Kriegmesser Sabers

Kriegmesser sabers, also known as "war knives" in German, are traditional edged weapons that were used in the Middle Ages in Germany and other parts of Europe. These sabers are characterized by their wide, curved blade, designed to make powerful cuts on the battlefield. Kriegmesser often had a T-shaped grip that allowed for optimal control during close combat.

Kriegmesser sabers were popular among infantrymen and were used in a variety of combat situations. Their robust and effective design made them fearsome weapons in their time. Although no longer used in modern warfare, Kriegmesser sabers are highly valued collector's items for their unique history and design.

Curious Questions about German Sabers

What is the historical origin of German officer sabers and their importance in the armed forces?

German officer sabers have their origins in the 18th century and have been used as part of the uniform of officers in the German army. They are important in the armed forces for their functionality as weapons and as symbols of status and honor.

Why are Blücher sabers named after the Prussian Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher?

Blücher sabers are named after Prussian Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher in honor of his contribution in the Napoleonic Wars, where these weapons were widely used under his leadership.

What are the main characteristics of Kriegmesser sabers and in what historical period were they most frequently used?

Kriegmesser sabers are characterized by their wide, curved blade, designed for powerful cuts. They were most commonly used in the Middle Ages in Germany and other parts of Europe.

What is the manufacturing process of German military sabers and how are their traditions maintained?

The manufacturing process of German military sabers involves forging the blade and making the handle. Traditions are maintained through craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

What role did German sabers play in significant historical events?

German sabers played a crucial role in historical events such as the Napoleonic Wars and other major battles, where their design and combat effectiveness made them stand out.

What are the criteria that collectors look for when purchasing German military sabers?

Collectors seek out German military sabers based on their age, condition, authenticity, and ornamental details. The associated history is also an important factor.

What other types of German edged weapons are known for their unique history and design?

In addition to sabers, other notable German edged weapons include daggers, fighting swords, and bayonets, all with a rich history and distinctive design.

Discover the history and beauty of German military sabers. Immerse yourself in tradition and craftsmanship that has endured through the centuries. Purchase your own German saber and take with you a piece of military history!

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