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Grebas of viking available in black and brown. Made in leather and with reinforced edges. Fit using strong leather straps and buckles of brass. They are ideal to complete your armor of a viking.
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Greaves made leather 3.5mm thickness by adjustable straps. Extra protection for the part from the ankle to the knee. It is done in black, dark brown, light brown and red. For other colors on request.
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Greba of Roman Commander that measured 39 cms. tall and are hand-made in steel with a finish of aged brass. Are lined with suede and are adjusted on the inside with a bead of thick leather. These grebas has an...
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Grebas medieval Squire made the leather of first quality. They are a pair of durable protectors for legs designed to protect the shins during combat. Made up of four thick plates of full grain leather that are joined...
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Grebas medieval crafted in leather, model Silvania. The grebas have been designed to protect the bottom of the legs. Our model has an extension to cover the knee and 3 leather straps on the back for a very good grip.
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Grebas roman steel. The grebas were designed to protect the lower leg from the cut of a sword or kicks fierce that occurred during the battle. Not all soldiers wore grebas although they were very popular among the...
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