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Head of the halberd Sempach with a design based on the halberds used during the FOURTEENTH century. It is manufactured in mild steel (low carbon). Features: Outer diameter: 33 cm Inner diameter: 11 cm

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Pica medieval with detailed engravings. The spades are similar to a spear, but much larger in length, measuring between three and four meters normally. As they are used, the spades were gaining in size, both of pole tip.
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Head of the halberd of the battle, with a design based on the halberds used during the FIFTEENTH century. It is manufactured in mild steel (low carbon). Features:Outer diameter: 50 cmInner diameter: 7,5 cm

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Medieval halberd with 205 cms. long. It is made of wood and zamak. The halberd is a horned weapon of about two meters in length and that has in its head of arms a spearhead as an upper breastplate, a transverse blade...
Wooden halberd for children, Ratzfatz model. With the halberd you can keep dragons and enemies at bay and protect your own private castle. Together with your knight helmet and shield, you will be ready to face...
Halberd of the Riflemen of Switzerland with a high content of carbon 1055 and handle in ash wood american. SHARP tip and blade of axe with a hook. This replica is almost identical to the original, although made with...
Head of the Halberd Venetian hammer. This is a reconstruction of a battle-axe, a venetian 1530 d.C. Battle-axes the like were very popular among the soldiers of northern and central Europe from 1450 d.C.
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Lanzas y Alabardas en cuadro rendición de Breda

In our catalog you will find Halberds from the Middle Ages to the 17th century from all the countries you want to buy, tanto decorative and functional.

HALBERD (a variety of the spear)

The most advanced variants of medieval infantry formations have spears, to which they add a knife, axe, hammer or pike. A variant of the spear is the halberd.

It is a speared weapon with a wooden shaft about two meters long and has a spearhead as an upper breastplate, a transverse blade shaped like an ax blade on one side, and another smaller stab or hook breastplate. for its opposite.

The horses dared not charge against a disciplined troop of armed men with long lances outstretched, for they were held back by a dense formation of warriors with long lances raised, with which they also formed a strong protection against the launched arrows.

what is a spear

The spear was a type of weapon widely used in the Middle Ages due to its easy handling and simple manufacture. The large bodies of lancers, whether they found a foot or a horse, were very effective armed with these lances that were quite cheap in medieval battles.

Differences between the spear and the halberd


It is a weapon composed of a shaft and a point at its end , a transverse blade and a point on the other side of the armed head. The shaft is usually made of wood and the head is made of metal. The halberd was not used as a throwing weapon but was used for hand-to-hand combat.

It was very effective against cavalry and against infantry such as the Rodeleros, who used short weapons and did not hit their opponent.

It is a very effective weapon for medium-range fighting , ineffective for close-range fighting, and completely useless for hitting opponents at a far distance. It was used by many peoples: Chinese, German and Scandinavian. Later it was adopted by the Italians, the French and the Japanese (with the famous Naginata) to later become a gala weapon used for the defense of Kings or high state officials.

It is still the main weapon of the Swiss Guards, the soldiers who guard the Vatican.

Alabarda medieval desmontable
Lanza griega


It is a weapon composed of a shaft and a sharp, pointed tip . The shaft is usually made of wood and the tip of the spear is usually made of metal to be able to stick without breaking.

The spear was used as a throwing weapon but also to hit the opponent at a safe distance. Its length made it a very good throwing weapon but its functionality was limited in close combat due to its poor maneuverability.

It is a very old weapon if you think that the first men used it to hunt: it was simply a wooden stick with a stone point fixed at the end.

It was a weapon adopted by almost all the peoples of the world, among them the most important: the Incas, the Romans (called verutum or pilum), the Japanese (Yari), the Greeks and many African peoples.

Types of Spears and Halberds

It has a fine point.

It has a very very fine and very long tip.

It has a short tip.

It has the tip with four grooves forming an "X".

It has a different design with side tips. It was used as a halberd.

It has two curved leaves. It was used as a halberd.

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