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Bilbo Baggins pipe, The Hobbit

Warner Bross
68.64 €
Are you a fan of The Hobbit? Have you ever imagined smoking like Bilbo Baggins? Now you can make it happen with Bilbo Baggins' Pipe, an official replica from The Hobbit trilogy. This amazing pipe is not only a collector's item, but is also fully functional. It is made of teak wood, a high-quality material that gives it an authentic appearance and...
LARP and Cosplay

Strider smoking pipe in wood

Lord of Battles
16.52 €
Discover the Strider wooden smoking pipe, an essential accessory for your adventures in LARP, cosplay or recreations. Measuring 12.5cm in length, this pipe is made from durable hardwood ensuring its longevity, accompanying you on all your future expeditions! The Strider smoking pipe stands out for its robust chamber and covered in marble, which makes it a...
68.64 €
Do you want to feel like an authentic Istari in the Longbottom region? Then you need Gandalf the Gray's pipe from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy! This official product will allow you to immerse yourself in the universe of Middle-earth and experience the magic and wisdom of the iconic character played by beloved actor Ian McKellen. This...
smoking pipes

Western Adventurer's Wooden Pipe

Lord of Battles
20.65 €
Aside from powerful weapons and magical herbs, a true adventurer would never forget to bring along their favorite smoking pipe. Our elegant smoking pipe with artistically chiselled patterns and a sublime look that perfectly matches your ranger costume brings this spirit to you! This 41.5cm long smoking pipe is skillfully crafted from durable HARDWOOD...
smoking pipes

Wooden pipe for recreationists and LARP

Lord of Battles
16.52 €
Tired of those flimsy pipes that break right after an event? Our The Shire smoking pipe is ideal to last over time. Its carefully crafted wooden frame makes it durable and outlasts its flimsier counterparts. You can be a noble from the court or a commoner from the unexplored lands! This smoking pipe is carefully made with durable WOOD that guarantees its...
smoking pipes

Northern Medieval Smoking Pipe

House of Warfare
20.65 €
Discover the authentic experience of smoking as in medieval times with the Northern Medieval Smoking Pipe. This magnificent pipe is made of wood with a black finish to give you a unique and traditional style. With this pipe, you will feel that you have traveled back in time and you are in an authentic medieval banquet. Its design, faithful to the pipes...
smoking pipes

Wandering Wizard Medieval Smoking Pipe

House of Warfare
23.96 €
Discover the medieval wandering wizard smoking pipe, a unique piece that will transport you to medieval times with its authentic and detailed design. This pipe has been carefully made of high quality wood and has a black finish that gives it a touch of elegance and mystery. The Wandering Wizard Medieval Smoking Pipe is the perfect addition to any lover of...
smoking pipes

Medieval pipe of the wandering artist (16.3 x 4.8 cm.)

House of Warfare
14.87 €
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the history and music of the Middle Ages? With the Wandering Artist's Medieval Pipe, made of wood by the renowned brand Lord of Battles, you can do it in a unique way. This pipe is not just a musical instrument, it is a piece of history that will transport you to bygone eras. Discover why this pipe is an exceptional...
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Wooden pipes, ivory and social status

As we move forward in the timeline, we encounter the Middle Ages, where pipes were mainly made of wood and were often decorated with religious motifs. These pipes were prized for both their usefulness and their spiritual symbolism.

The Renaissance marked a period in which pipes became a symbol of social status. The materials used to make them became more luxurious, including ivory. Pipes were not only smoking instruments, but also objects of art and prestige.

The popularization of smoking pipes in the 19th century

The 19th century witnessed a significant change in the history of pipes. With the arrival of tobacco in Europe, pipes became more popular than ever. They began to be mass-produced and various types of pipes emerged.

Two notable examples are the meerschaum pipe and the corn pipe. These pipes were more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

A revival in the 1960s

In the 1960s, pipe smoking experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to hippie culture. Pipes became a fashion accessory and a symbol of counterculture. This period saw the creation of pipes of unique and creative designs, which reflected the freedom of thought and creativity of the time.

Smoking pipes have come a long way throughout history, from modest beginnings in African tribes to becoming status objects and counterculture symbols. This diversity and rich history make pipes more than just smoking devices; They are witnesses of cultural and social evolution over the centuries.

Curious Questions and Answers about Smoking Pipes

What is the origin of smoking pipes?
Smoking pipes have an origin dating back to the ancient Olmec culture in Mexico, around 1200-900 BC.

What materials were used to make pipes in the Middle Ages?
In the Middle Ages, pipes were mainly made of wood and were often decorated with religious motifs. Ivory was also used on some occasions.

How did the Renaissance impact smoking pipes?
The Renaissance turned pipes into symbols of social status, and more luxurious materials, such as ivory, were used for their manufacture.

What were two types of pipes popular in the 19th century?
Two notable examples are the meerschaum pipe and the corn pipe, which became more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

What period saw a resurgence in popularity of smoking pipes?
Pipes experienced a resurgence in the 1960s, thanks to hippie culture and its counterculture symbolism.

What makes smoking pipes more than just smoking devices?
Pipes are witnesses of cultural and social evolution over the centuries, in addition to being objects of art and prestige at certain times.

Discover more about fascinating smoking pipes and their impact on history and culture.
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