Functional Italian barbuta, year 1440 Functional Italian barbuta, year 1440 2
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Functional Italian barbuta, year 1440

127.98 €
The functional Italian Barbuta from the year 1440 will transport you directly to the time of the medieval knights. This impressive piece of armor is from the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow's Anvant Armor, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality. This barbute has been carefully handcrafted in 2mm thick steel, which gives it exceptional resistance. Brass...

medieval barbute

Epic Armoury
91.74 €
Discover the authentic functional medieval barbuta made of 1.6 mm steel. This war helmet has been carefully designed and manufactured by Epic Armory, a renowned brand specializing in high-quality products for historical recreation. One of the main advantages of this barbuta is its thickness of 1.6 mm, which makes it a resistant and durable option for your...

Functional Italian barbuta, year 1470

116.72 €
Discover the powerful functional Italian Barbuta from the year 1470! This incredible piece of armor, made of 2mm thick steel, will transport you to medieval times and make you feel like a true warrior. In addition, its Battle-Ready design guarantees that you can use it in combat without any problem. The functional Italian Barbuta has a leather closure...

Functional Italian barbuta

116.72 €
Put yourself in the shoes of a medieval soldier with this incredible functional Italian barbute! Made by the renowned German manufacturer Ulfberth, this combat piece is made from heavy-duty 16mm thick steel, ensuring its durability and reliability on the battlefield. The functional Italian barbute is not only a perfect accessory for events and historical...

Italian barbuta S. XV

Battle Merchant
65.98 €
If you are a history lover and passionate about medieval times, I am sure you will be delighted with this amazing 15th century Italian Barbuta. This true collector's item is made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 1.6 mm, to offer you a long-lasting and reliable protection. The barbuta has impressive measurements, which guarantee a perfect...

Medieval barbute Epic Dark, Epic Armory

Epic Armoury
102.48 €
Epic Armory's medieval barbute Epic Dark is the perfect complement for any lover of history and medieval times. Made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 1.6 mm, this barbute is not only aesthetically impressive, but it is also functional and resistant. One of the main advantages of this barbute is its authentic and faithful design to medieval times....

Medieval Barbuta-type helmet without visor, XV century

Windlass Steel Crafts
99.00 €
The medieval Barbuta-type helmet without visor, XV century is an excellent option for those looking to wear an authentic helmet from medieval times. Similar to a headpiece but without a visor, this helmet features a T-shaped opening for the face and side edges that cover the cheeks, providing optimal protection without compromising comfort. Based on an...

Medieval Warrior barbute with leather lining

Lord of Battles
115.69 €
The Medieval Warrior Barbuta with leather lining is the perfect helmet for those brave warriors who seek maximum protection during battle. This helmet is meticulously handcrafted from heavy-duty 16-gauge mild steel, ensuring its durability and resistance to any enemy strike. Additionally, it features a comfortable and secure leather lining, which provides...

Italian barbute in steel, XV century

House of Warfare
90.90 €
Discover the authentic Italian barbute, inspired by the pieces that were used in the 15th century. Designed to satisfy the needs of historical reenactors, LARP enthusiasts and CosPlay lovers, this barbute is made of 18G (1.2 mm) thick steel. What does this mean for you? It means that you will have in your hands a strong and durable piece of armor, ready...

Manolo model metal medieval barbute

82.56 €
Dive into the authenticity of the past with the impressive Manolo metal medieval barbute. The barbuta is an Italian variation of the bacinet and was very popular in the 14th and 15th centuries. Later, in the 15th century, it evolved into the French sallet and armet helmet. The Manolo model barbute protects the skull and completely covers the neck, leaving...

Italian barbuta model Fidelio

90.83 €
Become an authentic Italian warrior with the Fidelio Italian Barbuta model. This helmet is the Italian variant of the bascinet and offers excellent head and face protection without limiting vision or the ability to breathe excessively. Here we show you all the outstanding features of this helmet: Characteristics of the Fidelio Italian Barbuta model:...

Medieval barbuta Italian style 15th century (16 g.)

Lord of Battles
123.96 €
Our 15th century Italian barbuta helmet is a historical representation of high quality and authentic design. Below are the essential features of this helmet: 15th Century Historical Style: Inspired by the fashion and functionality of 15th century Italy, this barbuta helmet reflects the aesthetics of the era, providing an authentic design. Heavy Duty...
90.83 €
Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the past with the Medieval Barbuta model Halanor, a tribute to the riding helmets of the late Roman Empire. This helmet not only provides solid head and face protection, but also dazzles with its impressive design. Features that make the Barbuta Halanor unique: Historical Inspiration: Based on riding helmets from...
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The Fascinating History of the Barbutas: Medieval Helmets of the 15th Century

Barbutas, also known as "barbudos", are a unique piece of medieval clothing history that became popular in the 15th century. These visorless medieval helmets with strategic openings for the mouth and eyes not only served as protective elements for the warriors of the time, but also became an iconic symbol of the Italian medieval era.

The term "barbuta" comes from the Italian "barbudo", and refers to a particular type of helmet that is characterized by its lack of visor and its facial opening in the shape of a T or Y. In addition to calling these helmets, it was also used the word "barbuta" to refer to the warriors who wore them. The first record of this term dates back to 1407, when it appeared in an inventory of the Gonzaga family of Mantua, thus marking the beginning of its use in the region.

The barbuta stood out for replacing the bacinete at the same time when the celadon was at its peak. Warriors who opted for the barbuta could complement it with a gorget or gorget, although historically it was usually combined with a mesh bishop's mantle, which gave it a unique and majestic appearance.

This helmet bears similarities to the Corinthian helmet, and it is speculated that its shape may have been influenced by Greco-Roman trends present in the art of the time. Despite its Italian origin, the barbuta was used almost exclusively in Italy, making it a unique historical piece that highlights this country's rich warrior tradition.

Curious Questions about Barbutas

1. What is this type of helmet called in Italian?

In Italian, this type of helmet is called "barbudo," which translates to "barbuta."

2. Which noble family of Mantua first recorded the term "barbuta" in 1407?

The Gonzaga family of Mantua was the first to record the term "barbuta" in 1407.

3. What other medieval helmet is the barbuta usually compared to due to its shape?

The barbuta resembles the Corinthian helmet in terms of its shape.

4. What elements could complement a barbuta to increase the warrior's protection?

Warriors could complement the barbuta with a gorget, a gorget, or even a mesh bishop's mantle.

5. In which region was barbuta mainly used during medieval times?

The barbuta was used almost exclusively in Italy during the medieval period.

6. What possibly inspired the shape of the barbuta according to historical research?

It is believed that the shape of the barbuta may have been inspired by the Greco-Roman trends present in the art of the time.

7. What is the characteristic opening of the barbuta that makes it unique?

The barbuta is distinguished by having a T or Y-shaped facial opening, which provides visibility and ventilation to the warrior.

Discover more about the fascinating barbutas and immerse yourself in medieval Italian history!

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