Arab daggers

Curved Arab dagger decorated with sheath, 34 cms. Curved Arab dagger decorated with sheath, 34 cms. 2
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Arab daggers

Curved Arab dagger decorated with sheath, 34 cms.

Art Gladius
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Are you looking for a unique and authentic dagger to add to your collection? Do not look any further! We present you the curved Arab Dagger with a stainless steel blade, a true jewel that you cannot miss. This dagger has been manufactured in Toledo, Spain, known for its tradition in the production of high quality weapons. Every detail of this piece has...
18.05 €
Carry with you a touch of exoticism and Arabic authenticity with the impressive Curved Arabic Dagger with Sheath. With its elegant design and meticulous details, this 14-inch dagger is the perfect choice to complement your Moorish outfit at a medieval-themed party or to proudly display in your collection. Featured Features: Durable Steel Blade: The blade...
Double-edged Jambiya Cobra Steel (38 cm.) Double-edged Jambiya Cobra Steel (38 cm.) 2
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Arab daggers

Double-edged Jambiya Cobra Steel (38 cm.)

Windlass Steel Crafts
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Discover the fascinating fusion of design and functionality with our double-edged Jambiya Cobra Steel. This stunning piece from the Cobra Steel Collection by Windlass Steelcrafts embodies the essence of elegance and effectiveness in a Middle Eastern weapon. Featured Features: Hand Forged Blade from 1085 High Carbon Steel: Experience the handcrafted...
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Arab Daggers: Collectible Treasures that Dazzle with Elegance

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of collectible Arab daggers and discover true gems of craftsmanship that will add a touch of elegance and mystery to your collection. Steeped in history and meaning, these stunning pieces are perfect both as special gifts and for proud display in your home.

Daggers, known in the Arab world as "jambiyas", have been an integral part of Arab culture for centuries. Originally designed as self-defense weapons, jambiyas have become symbols of status and tradition in Arab society. The handle of an Arabian dagger tells the history and status of the man who carries it. These curved daggers, with their elegant blade and elaborate hilt, are today one of the most iconic cultural symbols and a source of national pride in many Arab countries.

While jambiyas are no longer worn for self-defense, men wear them as a distinctive accessory to their clothing and as a tribute to their tribal roots. The decorations and ornaments on the daggers reflect the importance and tribal lineage of the owner, making them unique pieces that speak of past stories and deep-rooted traditions.

1. History and Meaning of Arab Daggers

Explore the rich history and deep cultural meaning behind Arab daggers, from their origin as self-defense weapons to their evolution as symbols of status and tradition.

2. Exquisite Craftsmanship: The Beauty of Arabian Daggers

Admire the meticulous craftsmanship and intrinsic beauty of jambiyas, whose refined details and ornamentation make each dagger a unique work of art worthy of collection.

3. The Modern Use of Jambiyas in Arab Culture

Discover how Arab daggers, although no longer used as weapons, continue to be an important element of Arab men's clothing and a symbol of connection to their tribal roots.

Intriguing Questions about Arab Daggers

What is the historical origin of Arab daggers?
Arab daggers have a long history dating back centuries, initially used as self-defense weapons in the Arab region.

What makes jambiyas so special as collectibles?
The meticulous craftsmanship and rich cultural tradition surrounding Arabian daggers make them unique treasures appreciated by collectors around the world.

How is the status of an Arab man determined through his dagger?
The handle of the dagger, with its ornaments and details, reflects the importance and tribal lineage of the bearer, making each dagger unique and telling a story.

Are jambiyas still used as weapons today?
No, Arab daggers are no longer used as weapons, but they are still an important element in Arab culture, especially as an accessory in traditional clothing.

What does the use of an Arab dagger on a man's clothing symbolize?
Wearing a jambiya is a tribute to tribal roots and a symbol of national pride, as well as adding a touch of elegance to traditional Arab clothing.

What is the value of a collectible Arabic dagger?
The value of a collectible Arabian dagger can vary widely depending on its age, quality of craftsmanship and decorative elements, with some pieces fetching significant prices on the collectors' market.

Add an Arab Dagger to your Collection and Enter the Tradition!

Embark on a journey into Arab culture and history by adding an Arab dagger to your collection. These unique pieces will connect you to a rich tradition and add a touch of elegance to your life. Discover our selection of collectible Arab daggers and choose the one that captivates you!

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