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greek swords

Spartan sword with scabbard and belt Spartan sword with scabbard and belt 2
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greek swords

Spartan sword with scabbard and belt

41.17 €
Spartan sword with scabbard and belt. The blade is made of carbon steel and the handle is strung.
greek swords

latex spartan sword

Epic Armoury
66.12 €
Discover the Spartan sword from Epic Armoury, perfect for your LARP adventures and live role-playing games! This sword, inspired by the legendary lionic swords, is made with a strong latex coating that guarantees its durability and resistance. With a total length of 73 cm, this Spartan sword offers you a realistic and exciting combat experience. Its blade...
roman swords

Greco-Roman Parazonium Sword

Battle Merchant
82.48 €
Unleash your bravery and power with the Greco-Roman Parazonio Sword! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the ancient Greeks and Romans with this authentic short sword. Made with a high-quality carbon steel blade, this sword features unmatched strength and durability. With its pommel carved in the shape of an eagle's head, this sword is a true...
greek swords

Greek Hoplite Sword

Battle Merchant
135.98 €
If you are a fan of ancient Greece and are passionate about the history of the famous Hoplite warriors, this Greek Hoplite Sword is the perfect item for you. This sword is inspired by the weapon carried by the Greek Hoplite infantry warrior, famous for his bravery and skills in battle. With its elegant design and authentic details, this sword is a true...
greek swords

Greek Sword of Marto

118.18 €
The Greek Sword of Marto is a unique and exceptional piece that cannot be missing in the collection of every lover of Greek history and culture. Its stainless steel central vein blade guarantees incomparable resistance and durability, while its black leather handle gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. One of the main advantages of this sword is its...
greek swords

Campovalano Hoplite Sword with scabbard

Battle Merchant
147.23 €
The Campovalano Hoplite Sword with scabbard from the 6th-5th century BC is an authentic historical treasure that you cannot miss. This sword, made with a carbon steel blade, steel and bone handle, and steel pommel, is an exact replica of the original found in the Campovalano necropolis in Italy. This sword is not only a work of art in itself, but also has...
functional swords

Lakonia Spartan Sword

Windlass Steel Crafts
115.50 €
The Lakonia Spartan Short Sword is a true treasure for lovers of Spartan history and culture. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®, this sword embodies the bravery and warrior spirit of the Spartans. With a high carbon steel blade and a bronze pommel, this sword is synonymous with quality and durability. Its 37 cm long blade is 3.6 mm thick, making it a powerful...
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Functional Hoplite Sword

Windlass Steel Crafts
127.50 €
Get the authentic Functional Hoplite Sword that will transport you to the Greek era of the 5th century BC This is an exceptionally elaborate replica of an original hoplite sword, created with the best materials to guarantee its durability and functionality. The sword is composed of a carbon steel blade, designed to withstand the rigors of combat. Its...
greek swords

Greek sword Xiphos, Hoplite

Battle Merchant
119.98 €
Are you passionate about Greek history and culture? Then this Xiphos Greek sword is perfect for you. This beautiful reconstruction of a hoplite sword will take you back to the 5th-6th century, when hoplites were the foremost warriors in Greece. The Xiphos sword presents an untempered EN45 steel blade, with blunt edges, which makes it an authentic and safe...

Honshu tactical functional Spartan sword

United Cutlery
98.18 €
We present to you the Honshu tactical functional Spartan Sword, an incredible creation by the prestigious American firm United Cutlery. This sword, which looks like a machete due to its imposing and robust design, is made with high quality materials that guarantee its durability and resistance. The blade of this sword is made of 7Cr13 stainless steel, a...
Spanish Swords

Limited Alexander the Great Sword

418.18 €
Sword Alexander the Great limited to 1500 manufactured units. It comes numbered and certified. The blade, cross and pommel have gold inlaid damascened details. Alexander III of Macedonia, better known as Alexander the Great (the great) was the king of Macedonia from 336 BC. C. until his death and is considered one of the most important military leaders in...
51.00 €
Falcata type sword NOT official film 300 with a rustic finish. In 480 BC the Persian Empire invades Greece and while the countrymen flee and turn their backs on the attackers, a small army of 300 Spartans resists the invaders, creating one of the largest armies the world has ever seen. Led by King Leonidas, the men show a kingdom what it means to be truly...
greek swords

Honshu Tactical Functional Spartan Sword, Red Blade

United Cutlery
120.00 €
Conquer the battlefield with the United Cutlery Honshu Tactical Functional Sword. This impressive weapon combines the elegance of a Spartan sword with the strength and versatility of a machete. Its 7Cr13 stainless steel blade, with a striking red finish, guarantees a long-lasting and sharp edge. The handle, made of resistant TPR injection plastic, offers...
127.98 €
Go into battle with style and power with the Falcata sword, an authentic weapon of war used by Iberian and Celtic warriors in the 4th and 3rd century BC. what you need to be prepared for any confrontation. The Falcata resembles the famous Greek Kopis sword and the fearsome Khukri of Nepal, demonstrating its efficient and lethal design. With a blade made...
Bring the spirit of the Spartan warriors into your home with our UNofficial Leonidas decorative sword from the 300 movie! With a total length of 76 cm and a blade of 58 cm, this sword is an impressive piece that will attract everyone's attention. Its steel blade and detailed design make it look like it's straight out of the movie, making any fan of the...
162.75 €
Step into the glory of Sparta with the mighty UNofficial Version Spartan Sword inspired by the epic movie '300'! This impressive but unofficial weapon will transport you to the battlefields where bravery and determination were commonplace. With a 24-inch hand-forged blade of tempered carbon steel, this sword strikes the perfect balance between strength...
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Greek Swords: The Legacy of Legendary Warriors

Swords of Greek origins have been used in the most famous battles of the time. They were used by the famous Greek warriors in their epic battles to defend their territories. Greek warriors preferred hand-to-hand combat, so they usually used short swords, approximately 60-75 cm. Some warriors carried other weapons, such as bows or spears.

Types of Greek Swords

Spartan Sword: Sword originally from Sparta, as the name says. The guard offered optimal protection for the hand and the blade was usually sharpened on only one side. The final part of the blade had a very sharp tip, quite wide and double-edged. It was undoubtedly a sword to use with cutting techniques.

Hoplite Sword: Sword used by the citizen-soldier in ancient Greece. It appears as a short and symmetrical sword. The final part of the leaf was usually wider than the base. The blade was double-edged and the sheath was usually made of wood covered in leather. The guard was small and offered less protection than the Spartan sword.

Falcata Kopis: The falcata was a one-handed curved blade sword. It was used by hoplites before adopting the classic hoplite sword. It appears as a sword curved inwards, with a single edge and was also used for daily work in the field or on the farm. The guard could be open or closed, offering more or less protection for the hand.

Characteristics of Greek Swords

As explained previously, Greek swords have a common characteristic: size. Greek swords were short swords, for hand-to-hand combat. Over time they have evolved: the kopis sword, a sword famous for its cutting ability, has been replaced by the new hoplite sword: a double-edged sword suitable for stabbing.

The protection for the hand has been disappearing, leaving more space and freedom for the hand, all in favor of the agility of the warrior who wore it. They were all one-handed swords, since the other hand was busy carrying the enormous Greek shield that protected the warrior almost completely.

The scabbards of these swords were usually made of leather or wood, with metal details (brass or bronze). The materials of the guard and handle varied greatly, from bronze to brass and from leather to wood. They were presented as simple swords, although the swords of the most important warriors were carved with drawings and made of noble materials.

Discover the Legacy of Greek Swords

Known for their art and courage in battle, Greek warriors have inspired different cinematographic works, including: "300" and "Troy." They have always gone into battle with their peculiar swords, lethal weapons of the time and a nightmare for enemy armies.

Explore our selection of authentic Greek swords and connect with the history of these brave warriors.

Don't wait any longer to discover the strength and legacy of Greek swords!

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