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Irish hilt sword with ring pommel, 16th century

Battle Merchant
119.98 €
The 16th century Irish Ring Pommel Sword is a magnificent piece inspired by original finds and drawings from Kerns, Switzerland. This sword is designed with an EN45 carbon steel blade and a full tang screwed to its distinctive ring pommel. The edges of the sword are not sharp, making it a perfect piece for collections and as a prop accessory for...
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Gaelic Irish Sword One Handed

Battle Merchant
154.98 €
Have you ever dreamed of wielding an authentic Irish Gaelic Sword with one hand? Now is your chance to do so with this stunning piece from Battle Merchant brand. This sword is specially designed for light fighting, with a high carbon steel blade that guarantees its durability and resistance. Its thick, blunt edges and rounded tip make it a safe and...

Irish two-handed Gallowglass sword, 16th century

Battle Merchant
143.98 €
Two-handed Irish Gallowglass sword made with a broad EN45 carbon steel blade, leather-covered hilt and classic Irish steel ring pommel. This excellent piece of Scottish and Irish history does not include a sheath. Please note that this Late Medieval/Renaissance two-handed sword is not a battle-ready weapon. It is intended as a collector's item or...
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Functional Irish Viking Sword, 10th century

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
284.99 €
Discover the functional Irish Viking sword from the 10th century, an authentic jewel inspired by the remains of a sword excavated in Ireland and attributed to the beginning of this time. The latest addition to Hanwei's line of Viking swords, this sword stands out for its elegantly classic lines and exceptional battlefield performance. One of the features...
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Irish sword making was a sacred art in ancient Ireland. Blacksmiths dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft, using meticulous techniques and the highest quality materials. These swords were forged with precision and skill, creating sharp and resistant blades that were true works of art.

The Essence of Irish Swords

Irish swords are much more than just weapons; They are symbols of bravery and honor. Each sword tells a unique story and is characterized by exquisite design and craftsmanship. These swords were used in ancient Ireland by legendary warriors and charismatic leaders.

Types of Irish Swords

Irish swords have a rich history and there are several distinctive types. Below I will provide you with information on the types of Irish swords you mentioned:

  • Gallowglass Sword: The Gallowglass were a type of Scottish mercenary warrior who settled in Ireland in the 13th to 16th centuries. Gallowglass swords were sturdy and powerful weapons, with straight, wide blades.
  • Gaelic Irish Sword: This sword generally refers to the swords used by native Irish warriors, both before and after Viking and Norman influence.
  • Irish sword with ring pommel: This type of Irish sword is characterized by having a ring-shaped pommel at the end of the handle.
  • Irish Fionn Sword: The Fionn sword (also known as the "sword of Fionn mac Cumhaill") is associated with the legendary figure of Fionn mac Cumhaill in Irish mythology.
  • Kern Sword: The term "kern" was used to refer to lightly armed infantry soldiers of Irish origin in the 16th and 17th centuries.

A Look at the Weapons of Ancient Irish Warriors

Irish warriors of ancient times used a wide variety of weapons on the battlefield. Among them were swords, spears and clubs, common weapons throughout the region.

The Evolution of Weapons in Ancient Ireland and Europe

The use of weapons in ancient Ireland and Europe in general evolved over time, following changes in tactics and military needs. While the Irish could use stones, clubs, and swords, these weapons were not necessarily unique to their culture.

  • What type of sword did the Gallowglass warriors use?
    Gallowglass warriors used sturdy swords with wide, straight blades.
  • What is the distinctive feature of the ring-pommeled Irish sword?
    The Irish sword with a ring pommel is characterized by having a ring-shaped pommel at the end of the handle.
  • Who is Fionn mac Cumhaill and how is he related to Irish swords?
    Fionn mac Cumhaill is a legendary figure from Irish mythology and is associated with the sword Fionn, which is considered a magical weapon.
  • What were Kern swords and who used them?
    Kern swords were used by lightly armed infantry soldiers of Irish origin in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • How did Irish warriors decorate their swords and weapons?
    Irish warriors often adorned their swords and other weapons with jewels and gold, giving them a touch of class.
  • What genetic similarities are there between the Irish and the British in relation to weapons?
    Despite genetic similarities, the Irish and the British had their own approach to combat and their distinctive fighting style.
Discover more about the fascinating history of Irish swords and immerse yourself in the legacy of bravery and honor they represent.
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