Collection 6 Coasters with Templar Crosses
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Collection 6 Coasters with Templar Crosses

Art Gladius
5.51 €
Discover the most exclusive and functional collection of coasters on the market! We present the Templar Cross Coasters, a selection of 6 coasters with a unique design inspired by the crosses of the Templar orders. This set includes: 1 x Templar Cross Coaster 1 x Teutonic Cross Coaster 1 x Maltese Cross Coaster 1 x Jerusalem Cross Coaster 1 x Coaster Cross...

Spartan Warrior wooden coaster, 9 cm.

3.63 €
Protect your surfaces with style and originality with the Spartan Warrior Coaster in wood that is resistant to humidity and stains. This coaster will not only fulfill its main function, but will add a touch of personality to your drinks. With a design inspired by Spartan warriors, this coaster is perfect for lovers of history and ancient culture. The...

Knights Templar wooden coaster, 9 cm.

3.63 €
The Knights Templar wooden coasters are the perfect complement for your home. These coasters are made of wood that is resistant to moisture and stains, making them durable and easy to clean. Their light and solid design makes them an ideal option to protect your surfaces from dirt and liquids. Each coaster measures 9 x 9 cm, making them large enough to...

Roman legions SPQR wooden coaster, 9 cm.

3.63 €
Are you passionate about Roman history? Then these SPQR Roman Legions Wooden Coasters are perfect for you. The coasters are made of wood that is resistant to humidity and stains, thus guaranteeing exceptional durability. In addition, they are light and solid, which makes them ideal to use in any occasion and place. Measuring 9 x 9 cm, these coasters stand...

Egyptian hieroglyphic wooden coasters, 9 cm.

3.63 €
Egyptian hieroglyphics wooden coasters are a fantastic addition to any home. These coasters are resistant to moisture and stains, making them ideal for use on any occasion. In addition, their Egyptian hieroglyphic design makes them a unique and elegant decorative element. Measuring 9 x 9 cm, these coasters are compact and easy to use. Its high-quality...
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Coasters with History: Medieval, Templars, Romans and Egyptians

Coasters are functional items that protect your furniture from stains and spills, but why settle for regular coasters when you can have pieces that pay homage to history? In our collection of coasters, we offer you a unique variety that spans from the Middle Ages to ancient Egypt, passing through the times of the Templars and the Romans.

Medieval Coasters: Elegance and Tradition

Medieval coasters capture the essence of a time of knights, castles and adventures. With intricate details and designs reminiscent of chivalry and shields, these coasters are perfect for adding a touch of nobility to your themed gatherings and events.

Templar Coasters: Symbols of Order and Mystery

The Templar coasters are inspired by the order of the Knights Templar, known for their history full of mystery and adventure. The designs include crosses and emblematic symbols that represent the bravery and commitment of these knights. Place these coasters on your table and immerse yourself in Templar history.

Roman Coasters: Classic Elegance

Roman coasters transport you to the time of the Roman Empire with its classic and timeless design. Inspired by Roman architecture and culture, these coasters add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Let your guests enjoy their drink as they travel back in time to ancient Rome.

Egyptian Coasters: A Glimpse into Antiquity

Egyptian coasters take you back to the time of pharaohs and pyramids. With designs depicting hieroglyphics and Egyptian symbols, these coasters are a window to the fascinating culture of ancient Egypt. Make your relaxing moments more interesting with these historical coasters.

Curious Questions and Answers:

What are coasters?

Coasters are small discs or surfaces used to protect furniture surfaces from stains and drink spills.

Why choose themed coasters?

Themed coasters add a unique and decorative touch to your space, and can be a great way to show your interest in history and culture.

How are medieval coasters inspired by the Middle Ages?

Medieval coasters incorporate elements and designs that evoke the aesthetics and atmosphere of the Middle Ages, such as shields, knights and castles.

What do Templar coasters symbolize?

The Templar coasters represent the order of the Knights Templar, known for their commitment, bravery and mystery.

How are Roman coasters related to Roman culture?

Roman coasters incorporate elements of Roman architecture and culture, offering a glimpse into the greatness of the Roman Empire.

What do Egyptian coasters symbolize?

Egyptian coasters are inspired by ancient Egyptian culture and feature symbols and hieroglyphs that represent aspects of this fascinating civilization.

Discover the story in every sip with our themed coasters. Protect your furniture with style!

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