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    American Gold sword. Inspired by the major historical events and the strength of the American spirit that marked the development of the United States of America, Marto has created this genuine and exclusive sword collecting national symbols that tell the history of the country, indomitable and their love of freedom spirit. Since the handle until the blade...

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    Official licensed and certified sword of Zorro replica of that used by Guy Williams in the classic series of the 50s, El Zorro. Sheet stainless steel, wire guard and leather wrapped hilt.

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    Rapier Peter Pan movie that uses the protagonist. Stainless steel sheet, stored in brass and cast in Zamak. It Includes Certificate of Authenticity. LAST UNITS.

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    Sword Alexander ride. Better known as Alexander (the Great). He was the king of Macedonia from 336 a. C. until his death and is considered one of the most important military leaders of history by its conquest of the Achaemenid Empire.

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    Typical Spanish Cazoleta decorative sword made in Toledo - Spain by Marto brand. Stainless steel sheet and brassed bowl. Overall length: 116 cms.

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