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Verdugo dimension of black mesh with mouthguard. Rings: 8 mm.Head Circumference: max. 63cm. Span>The rings are blackened to protect them from corrosion. It covers shoulders and has opening in the mouth with leather...
Protection of neck battle-ready. The protection for the neck can be attached to the chain mail or other type of reinforcement to reinforce it. The inner diameter of the rings is 6 mm.
Medieval cap made of blackened steel. It is manufactured by the experts at Windlass Steecrafts to cushion the blows of the armor. It can be worn with or without the helmet. We recommend keeping this mesh greased at...
Riveted executioner fit for combat. This chainmail executioner is life-size and fully covers the neck and shoulders. We recommend wearing a padding underneath. It is made up of small rings with an inner diameter of 6 mm.
Life-size metal executioner. The executioner is a chainmail (metal protection) that covers the head, neck and goes down to the shoulders. Faithfully copied from examples in museums and private collections. We...
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