Celtic brooches and fibulas

Brooches and fibulas

Celtic Brooch Openwork Knot Oval

Pera Peris
13.68 €
Discover the elegance and charm of the ancient Celtic world with our Celtic Openwork Knot Oval Brooch. This exquisite oval-shaped brooch is carefully designed as an openwork Celtic knot, inspired by historical patterns from Irish culture. Representing the connection between nature and spirit, this Celtic brooch is a beautiful accessory that will...
Celtic style brooch with filigree, 5 cm. Celtic style brooch with filigree, 5 cm. 2
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Brooches and fibulas

Celtic style brooch with filigree, 5 cm.

Pera Peris
18.19 €
Discover our fantastic Celtic style brooch with filigree, 5 cm wide. This wonderful brooch blends the elegance of the Celtic style with the beauty of filigree, creating a unique and sophisticated piece. Its carefully crafted design reflects the craftsmanship and talent of our skilled craftsmen. The Celtic style brooch with filigree is perfect to close the...
Celtic Pin with La Tene Spiral Celtic Pin with La Tene Spiral 2
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Brooches and fibulas

Celtic Pin with La Tene Spiral

Pera Peris
19.58 €
Celtic Pin with the Spiral of La Tene. If you are a lover of Celtic culture and you love unique accessories, this pin is ideal for you. Not only does it serve to close a cape in style, but you can also use it as an elegant hair clip. The design of this pin is inspired by the representative art of the Hallstatt period, characterized by its spirals at the...
Celtic brooch with the dogs of Arawn Celtic brooch with the dogs of Arawn 2
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Celtic brooches and fibulas

Celtic brooch with the dogs of Arawn

Pera Peris
15.01 €
Discover Celtic magic with our exclusive Celtic Brooch with the dogs of Arawn! Inspired by ancient legends and carved with precision, this brooch will transport you to mystical Celtic culture. At the heart of this work of art are the Cŵn Annwn, the legendary dogs of Arawn, hunting in a spiral symbolizing the Celtic trinity of life, death and rebirth. With...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic Andraste brooch with openwork knot

Pera Peris
17.17 €
Do you want to add a Celtic touch to your outfit? Then this Celtic brooch is just what you need! This beautiful Celtic brooch captivates with its wide openwork knot motif that tapers towards the ends. The brooch is named after the Celtic goddess Andraste, a mystical early British war goddess. For centuries, Celtic art has been characterized by the rich...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic brooch with fibula type ring, brass (6.5 cm.)

Battle Merchant
11.98 €
This stunning Celtic ring brooch is a replica of the Fibula of Tara, a famous piece of Celtic jewelry from the 8th century. The fibula is a buckle used by the ancients to fasten clothing. This brooch is oversized and features a sturdy construction, making it ideal for closing heavy coats and cloaks. Made from brass, the brooch features an intricate...
viking pendants

Celtic Dragonesque Seahorse Brooch, 1st century AD

Pera Peris
17.48 €
Discover the fascinating Celtic world with the Seahorse Dragonesque Celtic Brooch, an authentic jewel inspired by an original Celtic find from the 1st century AD This elegant dragon brooch made of bronze is a replica that represents a mystical seahorse, a highly symbolic marine creature in Celtic culture. This Romano-British variant of the brooch spread...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic brooch in forged threaded steel

House of Warfare
7.43 €
Discover the Celtic brooch in forged threaded steel from House of Warfare! This impressive Celtic-style brooch is made of high-quality steel with a black finish that adds a touch of elegance and mystery. The brooches or brooches are accessories that have been used since ancient times, and this Celtic brooch is an authentic representation of history and...
medieval pendants

Small Celtic brooch with Triskele, 2.5 cm.

Pera Peris
12.31 €
Are you passionate about medieval history and Celtic culture? Then this small Celtic Triskele brooch is just the thing for you! Inspired by patterns from early medieval Ireland, this spiral-shaped Celtic brooch will take you straight back to that fascinating time. The brooch has a diameter of 2.5 cm and is made of zamak, a strong and durable material that...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic leaf brooch in stainless steel

Lord of Battles
9.08 €
Get ready to bring your outfits and characters to life like never before with the stainless steel Celtic leaf brooch! This lapel brooch, also known as a fibula, is a jewel that cannot be missing from your collection. Featured Features: Elegant Celtic Leaf Design: The brooch features an exquisite Celtic leaf design that will add a touch of mysticism and...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic fibula in wrought iron with knots

Lord of Battles
8.26 €
Discover elegance and history with this Celtic wrought iron fibula with knots. Every detail of this brooch has been SKILLFULLY HAND FORGED from strong SOLID IRON, ensuring durability and exceptional quality. The elegant metal knots give it a unique and sophisticated touch. The Celtic brooch has been a perfect accessory throughout many eras and for a wide...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic brass fibula (7.5x5 cm.)

Lord of Battles
7.43 €
We present you the incredible Celtic brass fibula, a unique and special piece that cannot be missing from your collection of accessories. This Celtic fibula is decorated with trisquettes and knots, giving it a unique look and full of history. Made with the best materials, this fibula has been made of high quality brass, which guarantees its durability and...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic fibula in brass for capes

Lord of Battles
6.60 €
This Celtic Brass Cloak Pin is the perfect accessory to transport you to many possible historical periods and characters. Whether you're dressing up as a Celtic, Roman, Raetian, Anglo-Saxon English or Viking, this fibula will add an authentic touch to your outfit. The style of this Celtic brass fibula has been popular for centuries and continued to be...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic fibula forged by hand (5.8 cm.)

House of Warfare
5.78 €
Let yourself be impressed by the precision and detail of our Hand Forged Fibula! Measuring 5.8cm wide and hand forged by our skilled blacksmiths, this brooch will be the perfect addition to your adventures in the wilderness. Inspired by Celtic history, this brooch features subtle yet exacting details that make it truly one of a kind. It firmly holds your...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic and Viking fibula in brass (10x5.5 cm.)

House of Warfare
9.91 €
Discover our incredible Celtic and Viking Fibula in brass 10x5.5 cm. This magnificent design is ideal for closing layers, but can also be used as a stunning accessory in any other season. This fibula has been carefully manufactured by House of Warfare, a renowned brand specializing in quality products. Its width of 5.5 cm. and length of 10 cm. make it a...
Brooches and fibulas

Ostrogothic fibula from the 3rd-4th centuries AD

Pera Peris
13.87 €
Discover the Ostrogothic fibula from the 3rd-4th centuries AD, a historical jewel based on a Germanic find from Russia dating from the time of the migration of peoples in the 3rd to 4th century AD If you are a lover of Late Antiquity and you You are passionate about the East Germanic region, this piece is ideal for you. The seven-button type fibulas were...
Brooches and fibulas

Celtic Triquette Fibula in bronze (2,9 cm.)

Battle Merchant
13.98 €
Enhance your outfit with the elegant bronze Celtic knot fibula! This brooch is designed with the iconic Celtic trinity knot, which has been a significant symbol in Celtic culture since the 6th or 7th century. The trinity knot is an isosceles triangle made of interlocking arcs with no apparent beginning or end, making it mysterious and fascinating.In...
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Celtic brooches and fibulas are much more than just fashion accessories. These pieces, loaded with history and symbolism, have crossed the barriers of time to tell us stories of ancient cultures, rituals and the social status of those who wore them. Through this article, we will explore the most fascinating aspects of these artifacts, offering an in-depth look at their meaning, use, and inherent beauty.

Origins and evolution of Celtic fibulae

Celtic fibulas, used as brooches to fasten clothing, date from the Iron Age and La Tène period, flourishing in Celtic Europe. Its design not only had a practical purpose but also reflected the status and wealth of the wearer. Over the centuries, these objects evolved in design, incorporating geometric, zoomorphic and spiral motifs that are characteristic of Celtic art.

symbolic meaning

Beyond their utilitarian function, Celtic brooches and fibulas have rich symbolism. The patterns and decorative motifs were not chosen at random; Each spiral, knot and animal figure had a specific meaning, related to spiritual beliefs, nature and eternity. These symbols offer a window into the Celtic worldview, revealing a culture deeply connected to its environment and spirituality.

Manufacturing techniques

The making of Celtic brooches and fibulas was a task that required skill and precision. Celtic artisans mastered advanced metalworking techniques, including embossing, lost-wax casting, and filigree work. These methods allowed for the creation of detailed and delicate pieces that were true works of art.

Uses and functions

Although the primary function of Celtic fibulae was to hold clothing, such as shoulder capes, they also played important roles in rituals and as symbols of power. In some cases, they served as votive offerings to the gods or as part of funerary trousseau, indicating the high status of the deceased in Celtic society.

Stylistic variety

The diversity of brooch and fibula styles reflects the complexity of Celtic culture. From simple rings to intricate stylized animal designs, each piece is a testament to the era and region of its origin. This variety not only shows the skill of Celtic artisans but also the rich tapestry of their society.

Importance in Celtic clothing

In Celtic clothing, brooches and fibulas were essential. They not only served a practical function, but also communicated the social status, wealth and tribal belonging of the individual. They were, in many ways, an extension of personal and collective identity.

Legacy and contemporary relevance

Today, Celtic brooches and fibulas continue to inspire designers and artisans, being popular elements in modern jewelry. Its appreciation transcends mere aesthetics, connecting people to a rich and complex past, and serving as a bridge to understanding ancient traditions and values.

What do the spiral designs on Celtic brooches represent?

Spiral designs are emblematic of Celtic art and symbolize growth, expansion and connection to the spiritual world. This motif reflects the interconnected nature of life and the cosmos in Celtic belief.

Why were brooches important to Celtic society?

Brooches were not only important for their functionality but also as symbols of status, wealth and belonging. They represented the artistic skill and cultural identity of the Celts.

How were Celtic fibulas made?

Advanced techniques such as embossing, lost wax casting and filigree work were used, requiring great craftsmanship and knowledge of metallurgy.

Were Celtic brooches used in rituals?

Yes, some brooches and fibulas served as votive offerings or were part of funerary trousseau, highlighting their spiritual and social importance.

What was the main function of Celtic fibulae?

The main function was to hold clothing, like capes, but they also had a deep symbolic and social meaning.

How do Celtic brooches and fibulas reflect the culture of their time?

These pieces reflect the complexity of Celtic art, beliefs and social structure through their designs, manufacturing techniques and use in society.

Are Celtic designs still relevant today?

Yes, Celtic designs continue to inspire contemporary artists and designers, keeping alive the richness of this ancient culture.

Discover the power and beauty of ancient Celtic tradition with our exclusive collection of brooches and fibulas. Connect with an ancient legacy and take with you a piece of history. Browse our selection today and find your connection to the past!

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