Cleavers (hatchets)

Tactical knife K25 Jacob, with sheath
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Cleavers (hatchets)

Tactical knife K25 Jacob, with sheath

77.98 €
Discover the K25 Jacob tactical machete and get ready for adventure! With its blade forged in 7Cr17Mov stainless steel and a satin finish (CNC), this machete offers you a perfect cut in any situation. With a length of 31.00 cm, this tool is ideal for any outdoor challenge. The K25 Jacob tactical machete stands out for its total resistance thanks to the...
Cleavers (hatchets)

MAM kitchen machete, blade 11.5 cms.

19.30 €
Discover the MAM kitchen machete and experience the precise cut in your culinary preparations. With an 11.5 cm blade made of stainless steel, this machete gives you the confidence to achieve excellent results with each cut. The wooden grip and brass ferrule provide a perfect balance between natural elegance and resistance. This combination of high quality...
Cleavers (hatchets)

MAM kitchen machete, blade 14 cms.

36.88 €
Discover the MAM kitchen machete and take your culinary skills to the next level! With a 14 cm blade made of stainless steel with a high carbon content, this machete offers you absolute precision in your cuts. The magnum grip provides a firm and comfortable grip, allowing you to have full control during your tasks in the kitchen. Its elegant and...
Cleavers (hatchets)

Kitchen knife (6.5\"/16.5 cms.)

20.66 €
Discover the professional machete-type knife with a polyoxymethylene (POM) handle, stainless steel blade and blister pack presentation, manufactured by the prestigious Martínez Albainox house. This knife gives you precise cutting and exceptional control in every culinary task. The polyoxymethylene (POM) handle offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, allowing...
Cleavers (hatchets)

Kitchen knife (7\"/18 cms.)

20.66 €
Discover the professional knife with a German forged handle and the machete with a polyoxymethylene (POM) handle, manufactured by the renowned company Martínez Albainox. These high-quality tools guarantee precise cuts and exceptional performance in the kitchen. The professional knife stands out for its German forged handle, which provides perfect...
Cleavers (hatchets)

MAM professional knife, Macheta type

44.72 €
Discover the professional Macheta-type knife manufactured by MAM with a magnum handle and top quality stainless steel blade. With a total length of 28.5 cm, this knife offers you a precise cut and exceptional control in all your culinary tasks. The magnum handle provides a firm and comfortable grip, allowing you to handle the knife with confidence and...
Cleavers (hatchets)

Macheta-type professional knife

11.88 €
Discover the machete-type professional knife manufactured by the prestigious Martínez Albainox house. With a polyoxymethylene (POM) handle and a stainless steel blade, this knife offers you precise cutting and exceptional control in your culinary tasks. Presented in a blister pack, it is the ideal companion for both professional and domestic use. The...
27.20 €
Discover the Serbian Butcher knife, a versatile and powerful knife, perfect for boning, cutting meat, chopping and also for vegetables. With an incredibly sharp cutting blade, this knife gives you precision and efficiency in all your culinary tasks. The light and sharp blade of the Serbian Butcher Knife allows you to make clean and precise cuts,...
Cleavers (hatchets)

Samura Harakiri Nakiri knife, blade 180 mm.

17.85 €
Unleash your culinary potential with the Samura Harakiri Nakiri Knife! With a 180mm blade, this Nakiri knife has been uniquely designed to meet your needs when processing herbal products. Whether it's chopping fresh herbs, onions, or any other ingredient, this knife will get you done in no time. Despite its compact size, it is especially useful for fine...
Cleavers (hatchets)

Gil Hibben Butcher Knife, Black Micarta Handle

Gil Hibben
102.38 €
Gil Hibben's butcher knife is an impressive tool with a blade made of high quality 5Cr15MoV stainless steel and a black micarta hilt. With a length of 27.3 cm, this knife is designed to provide exceptional performance at all times. The 5Cr15MoV stainless steel blade features a full tang and a mirror-polished finish with beveled edges, giving it an...
Cleavers (hatchets)

Albainox Angry Shark tactical machete, total 31.2 cm.

15.50 €
Discover the power and style of our Albainox Angry Shark Tactical Cleaver. With a total length of 31.2 cm, this machete is designed to give you strength and versatility in your outdoor activities. The 3Cr13Mov stainless steel blade with a green finish and Angry Shark 3D drawing makes this machete stand out for its unique and striking design. In addition,...
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The kitchen is an art that requires the right tools to create delicious and well-presented dishes. In this category, we present to you the kitchen machetes and cleavers, essential utensils for chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Discover how these versatile tools can enhance your culinary experience.

Kitchen Machetes: Power and Precision in Your Cuts

Kitchen machetes are large knives with wide blades designed for precise cuts on meats, poultry, and vegetables. Their heavy and sturdy blade allows for applying force without additional effort, making the cutting process easier. In addition, their flat and sharp shape allows for uniform and clean cuts, achieving professional dish presentations.

Kitchen machetes are especially useful for cutting bones, slicing meats into equal portions, and chopping bulky ingredients such as pumpkins or melons. With a quality kitchen machete in your hands, you can master all types of cuts and preparations in the kitchen.

Cleavers: The Perfect Ally for Delicate Jobs

Cleavers are versatile and precise tools, ideal for more delicate work in the kitchen. With their narrow and sharp blade, cleavers allow you to make meticulous and detailed cuts. They are perfect for deboning smaller meats and working with reduced-sized ingredients.

In addition to their precision, cleavers stand out for their comfort and maneuverability. Their ergonomic handle provides a secure and firm grip, allowing you to have full control over your movements. Whether you are preparing a fresh salad or creating gourmet dishes, cleavers will help you achieve precise and quality results.

Durable Materials and Functional Design

Both kitchen machetes and cleavers are made with durable and high-quality materials. The blades are usually made of stainless steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting sharpness. The handles are designed ergonomically, offering a comfortable and secure grip during prolonged use.

When purchasing a kitchen machete or cleaver, it is important to consider the balance between the blade and the handle. A balanced design will ensure better control and precision in each cut. Additionally, it is advisable to choose models that include protective covers to guarantee safe storage and extend their lifespan.

Enhance Your Culinary Skills with Our Machetes

Discover how our machetes and cleavers can elevate your cooking experience. Cut your favorite ingredients with precision and ease, from meats to vegetables. Our ergonomic design and quality materials will provide you with an exceptional culinary experience. In addition, we offer fast shipping and competitive prices so you can start cooking like a professional today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Machetes and Cleavers

1. What is the difference between a machete and a cleaver?

The main difference lies in size and application. Machetes are larger and used for cutting large meats and vegetables, while cleavers are smaller and used for more precise work.

2. What materials are ideal for machete and cleaver blades?

Stainless steel blades are ideal due to their corrosion resistance and durability. High-quality carbon blades can also be found.

3. How should I care for and maintain my machetes and cleavers?

Wash and dry your tools after each use. Make sure to sharpen them regularly and store them in protective covers to prevent damage.

4. What types of cuts can I make with a kitchen machete?

With a kitchen machete, you can make meat cuts, slice bones, chop large ingredients, and more. Its wide and heavy blade makes it versatile in the kitchen.

5. What is the advantage of an ergonomic design in cleavers?

The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for precise control over your cuts and reducing fatigue during food preparation.

6. What sets professional machetes and cleavers apart from conventional ones?

Professional tools are usually made with high-quality materials and have ergonomic designs for optimal performance. Additionally, they offer greater durability and precision in cuts.

Ready to elevate your culinary experience with our professional kitchen machetes and cleavers? Power up your culinary skills now!

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