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Azog mace, licensed

Mace Azog of the film "The Hobbit" licensed. It includes support.


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Azog is the King of the Goblins. It was a very quick and fast orc. When Thrór and Nár reached Moria, Thrór was killed by Azog, who cut off his head and it marked his name. Nár but managed to esCloak and was able to tell what happened Thráin. When the people learned of the Dwarves began the war against the orcs. In the year 2799 of the Third Age, lakeside Kheled-zâram took place the Battle of Azanulbizar. Náin, arriving at the gates of Moria Azog challenged, he left with his elite guard. After an intense fight, Azog Náin killed, but little joy lasted since Dwarves were winning the Orcs. Azog then tried to withdraw, but Dain II caught and killed. His only known son was Bolgo.

Battle Merchant

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