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  • Cannons and medieval machine guns

    Cannons and medieval machine guns

    <p>Prior to the invention of the cannon, projectile weapons existed using compressed air and steam. The invention of the cannon, driven by gunpowder, was first developed in China. In the Middle East, the first use of the hand cannon is argued to be during the 1260; the first cannons in Europe were probably used in Iberia in the 11 and 12th centuries. It was during the Middle Ages, that cannon became standardized, and more effective in both anti-infantry and siege roles. In 1718 James Puckle invented what he called his Defence Gun. Placed on a tripod it was a large revolver with a cylinder behind its single barrel. Although the cylinder had to be turned manually it could fire 63 shots in seven minutes. By now we know that the greatest advances in technology, armour and other fields have been obtained during the wars, the same has happened with machine guns and cannons.</p>
  • Medieval Guns

    Medieval Guns

    The current replicas perfectly imitate the old weapons that were used in medieval times. All guns are replicas and are not functional. We do not ship replica guns TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION.
  • Gunpowder Box

    Gunpowder Box

  • Rifles


    <p>The origins of rifling are difficult to trace, but some of the earliest practical experiments seem to have occurred in Europe during the 15th century as an improvement in the accuracy of smooth bore muskets. All guns are replicas and not functional. We do not ship replica guns TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE EUROPEAN UNION.</p>
  • Blunderbuss


    <p>The blunderbuss could be considered to be an early form of shotgun, which was often adapted to military and defensive use, typically issued to troops such as cavalry, who needed a lightweight, easily handled firearm. By the middle 19th century, the blunderbuss was considered obsolete and was replaced in military use by the carbine. All shotguns are replicas and are not functional. We do not ship replica guns A COUNTRY OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION.</p>

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