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Articulated arm Germany S. XIV (1 unit)

Articulated arm Germany S. XIV (1 unit)

The Alemania S. XIV articulated arm is a unique and exclusive product that will transport you to medieval times. Inspired by the armor used in Germany during the 15th century, this articulated arm has an impeccable and detailed design that will make you look like a true knight.

The articulated arm is carefully crafted from leather and mild steel, ensuring its durability and strength. The shoulder parts are 1.6mm thick, while the elbow is 2mm thick. This ensures optimal protection in battle, allowing you to move with agility and without restriction.

One of the advantages of this articulated arm is that it is one size fits all, which means that it will fit any arm size perfectly. No longer will you have to worry about finding armor that fits you well, this articulated arm will fit you comfortably and securely.

This product includes one unit, so you don't have to worry about looking for additional plug-ins. You will be ready for battle from the first moment you receive it.

With the Germany S. XIV articulated arm, manufactured by Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB), you will be acquiring a high quality product and exceptional design. The thickness of 1.6 and 2 mm. in materials such as steel and leather, guarantee the resistance and authenticity of this piece.

Don't wait any longer and add this articulated arm to your collection of medieval armor. Whether to wear it at themed events, to complement your cosplay costume or simply to admire it as a piece of art, this product will give you a unique experience full of history and elegance.

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1.6 y 2 mm.

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