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    Medieval elbow made of steel with self adjustable leather buckles. It includes partner.

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    Jack medieval Chains. Protection of metal arms composed of 4 plates articulated rings. Made of mild steel polished 1mm. thick. They were used in the fifteenth century by laborers, archers and archers.

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    Medieval armor plates articulated arms for protection. It includes belts with buckles for fixing the arm. It also comes prepared to set a gambeson.

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    Protector for Roman Gladiator articulated arm made of steel sheets. It includes buckles and leather interior to protect the arm.

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    The Viking bracelet is made up of five steel strips and riveted to 2 hard leather straps. The straps are adjusted by brass buckles. The thickness of the bracelets is 2 mm.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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