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Articulated arm with a design inspired by the armor used in Germany during the FIFTEENTH century. It is one size. The arm is crafted in leather and mild steel. The parts of the shoulder have a thickness of 1.6 mm, and...

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Jack medieval Chains. Protection of metal arms composed of 4 plates articulated rings. Made of mild steel polished 1mm. thick. They were used in the fifteenth century by laborers, archers and archers.

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Medieval armor plates articulated arms for protection. It includes belts with buckles for fixing the arm. It also comes prepared to set a gambeson.
The Viking bracelet is made up of five steel strips and riveted to 2 hard leather straps. The straps are adjusted by brass buckles. The thickness of the bracelets is 2 mm.
Protection full arm of Paladin composed of two pieces of metal. Protections can be adjusted with leather straps and laces to be tied to a gambesón or a suit of armour. Include the couple composed by a padded...
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Pair of leather elbows for the Noble Warriors. Made from hard full grain leather, these armor pieces are designed to withstand the abuse of a LARP or recreation with regular leather care. A leather strap is used to...
Medieval armor model Jackchains with a design inspired by the models used in the FOURTEENTH century. This type of armor is sewed on top of the gambeson to protect the arms of the fighter. Our replica is produced in...
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Protective, medieval arm with a black finish. Designed to protect the outside of the arm, this armor is hand-made of steel of 1 mm is connected by leather straps and chrome rivets strong. We use three straps of...
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