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Shoge steel chain and ring. Long chain: 2 mts. Ring diameter: 15 cms. Used almost exclusively by the ninjas, the kyoketsu-shoge has a multitude of technical applications.


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The kyoketsu Shuge (lit. run over the countryside and mountains) is a double-edged blade with another blade protruding from its side at an angle of 90 degrees. The latter is attached to a chain or rope between 3 and 6 meters ending in a metal ring. It is believed that was developed before the better known Kusarigama.1

Used almost exclusively by the ninjas, the kyoketsu-shoge has a multitude of technical applications. The blade can be used to deliver cuts and stab wounds. The chain or rope, in the latter case sometimes made from human hair or horse hair, can be used for climbing, link to an enemy and others. The long-range weapon, combined with the cutting tip, has the ability to attack or to entangle an enemy at a safe distance. It can also be used to get caught in the chain the opponent's sword and tear it from his hands.


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Made in
Toledo (Spain)

Ratings and comments from our customers

Very good. Muito bom, chegou Very good. Muito bom, chegou r
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