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Bushido Katana

Professional Bushido Katana with steel blade, hand-forged carbon steel and folded K120C. The sheath is brown lacquered inlaid cherry blossom brass. The Tsuka is high-quality leather while the Tsuba is crafted in bronze and finished in old iron with deroración the scene of a battle in gold and silver.

The Tsuka-ito and Sageo are made in cotton premium while the Fuchi and Kashira are old bronze and Kojiri, loiguchi and kurikata are made of polished buffalo horn. The Habaki is one piece of brass.

Bushido is the honorable code of conduct that all samurai must follow. Precisely this katana is designed to follow these rules.


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Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)

Data sheet

102 cms.
1.2 Kg
Blade: Carbon Steel Hand forged K120C
Blade long
69 cms.
Width at Guard
3.1 cms.
Handle Length
29 cms.
Thickness at Guard
0.7 cms.
Sori (blade curvature)
1.9 cms.
Width at Tip
2.4 cms.
Point of Balance
14 cms. Tsuba
Thickness at Tip
0.5 cms.
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