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  • Firearms
  • Chinese Weapons
    Swords, knives and other traditional and modern Chinese as Tang jian, Qi Tao Jian or Hiryuu from traditional Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu. We could establish a classification by type and use as handguns, rifles, double weapons, flexible weapons, hidden weapons and throwing weapons. Some Chinese weapons are: Bart Jarm Do, Long Cane (gun shu), 3 Section Cane (sān jié gùn), 2 Section Cane (èr jié gùn), knives, curve or straight swords, hooks, axes, Kwan Tao, spears (quian shu), 9 Section Whip, Luk Dim Boon Kwun, Shéng Biāo (Rope with Dart), Yue Ya Chan (Monk Shovel).
  • Daggers

    Daggers are weapons short blade flat and broad with pointed end. Intermediate length between the dagger and sword as well as its double-edged security guard make it ideal as a secondary weapon after the sword. Usually, due to its short length, have also been used as weapons to protect women. Some types of daggers that we recognize are ... Arab daggers, daggers Egyptian, Roman daggers, daggers, lord of the rings, medieval daggers, daggers Templar daggers Greco-Roman, Greek daggers, daggers barbaric Viking daggers, daggers, fantasy, combat knives, daggers, sailing, daggers Renaissance pirate daggers, daggers Aguila,

  • Knives

    Historical knives, adventure knives, Greek knives, Roman knives, pugios, etc. Sharp pieces and for collectors. p>

  • Axes
    The ax is now a tool but over time has been considered as a weapon. It has a metal blade is fixed securely to a handle. The typical use for the axes is cutting firewood and felling trees, but in the past were used as weapons for hunting and war, especially by the Vikings, Normans, American Indian, English, French, and so on. Most of the axes from the following list are decorative but are made of alloy steel blades.
  • Japanese Weapons

    Bo-Kun - Very sturdy wooden staff, about 1.80 meters long and 2.5 to 3 cm in diameter. This item was used by fishermen and villagers to transport items and goods. Bokken - the bokken is a type of wooden katana. It became popular in the Muromachi period (1936/1600AD) when different Ryu schools began to teach the art of Kenjutsu. Eku - Comprises, on one end, a flat blade and an angled side of the other, sharpened at its end, while wooden sides possess a certain edge. It was used by fishermen as rowing and became weapon. Hanbo - is a 90cm long staff and used with one hand or two, interchangeably. Similar movements are performed with Jo and Atemi, Kansetsu, Dome o Jime. Jo - Wooden staff shorter than the Bo-Kun and longer than the Hambo. Kama - is a long-handled sickle used to harvest grain. The difference with Western sickle is the curvature of kama, which starts at the handle. Naginata - The naginata is a weapon used by the samurai of feudal Japan, consisting of a blade stuck on a long pole. It resembles a European halberd, but only with a curved blade and a Gumia placed at its end. Nunchaku - This weapon is basically formed by two very short staffs between 30 and 60 cm joined at their ends by a rope. It is a very versatile weapon that adapts to situations against one or more attackers in short or long distances in defense or attack, developing a great hitting power. Katana - The katana is a single-edged sword, curved, traditionally used by the samurai. The most common size is around a meter in length and one kilo weight. Sai - The Sai is a blunt knife but with a sharp point and with two long side guards, tsuba, also pointed, attached to the handle. Tanto - The Tanto was a traditionally made sword worn by the Samurai of the feudal class. Tanbo - The tambo is short hardwood staff that is used in the same way as the approximately 90cm long hanbo. Tonfa - Also known as Tuifa, it consists of a stick with a perpendicular handle attached a third of the way down the length of the stick. Yubibo - A 13-15 cm staff, with two holes that divide it into three sections called Kontei at the poles and Chukon bu in the middle between the two holes. Wakizashi - The wakizashi is a traditional Japanese short sword, with a length of between 30 and 60 cms.

  • Spears and halberds
    The spear was a type of weapon used in the Middle Ages for its easy handling and simple construction. The large bodies of spearmen, whether on foot or horseback, were very effective armed with spears that came pretty cheap in medieval battles. The most advanced variants of the medieval infantry formations had spears, to which they added the knife, ax, hammer or pike. The horses did not dare to charge against a disciplined troop of men armed with long spears. A variant of the spear is the halberd, a wooden, two-handed pole weapon. It consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft. It always has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants.
  • Arcos (non-functional)

    Replicas of vintage bows for recreationists. They are not functional by not having shooting accuracy and be prepared for it.

  • Crossbows

    Medieval crossbows for decorative use and recreationists. They are pieces of ornament and collection and therefore require no license to carry. In the Medieval Ages, the crossbow was a weapon that propelled arrows whose operation consisted of a bow mounted on a straight base. Unlike the bow, its use did not require much skill and was more functional as it could be fired on horseback, standing or dragged on the ground. Obviously it was not all advantages and slow loading of the arrows was its weak point. The crossbow began to be used on a massive scale on the Xth century and revolutionized warfare tactics as it opened a new world strategy to be a weapon of precision shooting at distance.

  • Whips and riding crops
    Whips, lashes or riding crops used for scourging of animals or for the submission and torture of people in ancient times. The whip is a flexible cord that is usually braided with a fixed handle.
  • Pocket knives
    Pocket knives with medieval motifs.
  • Mazas

    The clubs were initially a simple pole or stick with shorter end which constituted the rock engastaba the heavy and forceful. Over the centuries evolved into the typical all-metal weapons.

    In the Middle Ages, the clubs, the riders wielding. Then, over time, became symbols of power used by the military orders and the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

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    Roman eagle dagger with brass finishes. Includes cover. p>

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    Cederic medieval spearhead made of steel with blunt tip.

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    DECORATIVE Ballesta ideal for recreationists. It is not functional. The crossbow is a weapon that began to be used massively in the tenth century, with the development and refinement of the bow and arrow. Primitive wooden arch was replaced by a version with a powerful metal arc formed by one or more metal rods together called arbalest.

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    Sword of the decorative Crusaders, with completion in decorated brass. It is a decorative sword made in Toledo (Spain). He highlighted by the red cross of his pomoA choose with or without sheath.

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    Courage Katana Last Samurai movie starring Tom Cruise. Foil 69 cms. It includes desktop stand.

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    Katana with blade of carbon steel temperate with marked edge. Suitable for training (only marking, never touch), with black lacquered wooden sheath. CUIDADO.- COMES THE EDGE MARKING, but not sharp. Strong>

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    Set with type 2 Swords Gladius, type fantasy, including nylon sheath and lanyard for hanging on the back. P>

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    Viking ax. Scandinavia VIII century. 87 cms. long.

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    Officers Sable Army Spanish. Saber not official. It is an imported product. The blade is made of steel and carbon. The total length of the sword is 98 cm. It includes sheath. P>

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    Colada Cid sword made in Toledo (Spain), with stainless steel sheet and finished with gilded carvings. Available in various sizes. Infantil.- 56 cms.Cadete.- 76 cms.Natural.- 100 cms.

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    Spearhead of 28.5 cms. long. It is up to the early Middle Ages. Made of forged carbon steel.

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    Alba Templar sword with stainless steel blade. ABS grip. It includes wall hanging panoply.

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