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arabic swords

Arabian scimitar life size Arabian scimitar life size 2
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Arabian scimitar life size

62.58 €
Discover the life-size Arab scimitar! This impressive sword is a replica of one of the most emblematic weapons that was brandished in the Iberian Peninsula during the Arab invasion. With a length of 100 cm and a clean blade without engraving, this scimitar will transport you to a bygone time full of history and adventure. The smooth curve of the...
rustic arabic scimitar rustic arabic scimitar 2
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rustic arabic scimitar

43.29 €
Discover the rustic Arab Scimitar, a sword that will transport you to the time of the Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula! This reproduction of one of history's most iconic swords features a rustically engraved blade and hilt, giving it an authentic and unique look. Child: 60 cm. Cadet: 73 cms. Natural: 100 cm. The smooth curve of the Rustic Arabian...
silver Arabian scimitar silver Arabian scimitar 2
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silver Arabian scimitar

66.95 €
The silver Arab Scimitar is a reproduction of one of the most emblematic swords that was brandished in the Iberian Peninsula during the Arab invasion. With a nickel-plated blade and engraved silver hilt, this sword stands out for its unique design and exceptional quality. Child: 60 cm. Cadet: 73 cms. Natural: 100 cm. The gentle curve of the design was...
Boabdil Rider Sword, Cadet
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Boabdil Rider Sword, Cadet

76.03 €
Discover the majesty of the Boabdil Rider Sword, in its cadet version. With a size of 75 cm, this sword will transport you to the time of knights and battles. Its fluted blade, made of stainless steel, gives it an imposing and durable appearance. This sword, manufactured in Toledo-Spain by the renowned MARTO factory, is synonymous with quality and...
Functional falchion, 14th century Functional falchion, 14th century 2
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Swords (Cat. A)

Functional falchion, 14th century

Battle Merchant
277.35 €
The functional Falchion from the 14th century is a real gem for lovers of history and medieval times. This typical 14th century scimitar has been carefully designed and manufactured to be ready for battle. Its EN45 spring carbon steel blade with a single edge and slightly curved guarantees great effectiveness in combat. The pommel of the functional...

Silver Cutlass Sword

181.82 €
The Silver Cutlass Sword is a unique piece that will transport you to medieval times. Its design and characteristics make it a true gem for lovers of history and culture. This sword was used to pierce chain mail, demonstrating its power and endurance. Its name, Alfanje, comes from the Hispanic Arabic al-janyar, which means dagger, and refers to its wide,...

Sinbad Condor functional scimitar

158.08 €
Functional Sinbad scimitar with a blade made of 1075 high carbon steel, heat treated and tempered to a hardness of 56-58 HRC. It comes sharp. Wooden handle. Includes leather sheath.
Swords (Cat. A)

Functional Persian saber, shamshir

Jiri Krondak
270.00 €
The functional Persian saber, shamshir, is a powerful combat weapon manufactured to the highest quality standards. This sword, made of CSN 14260 carbon steel (DIN 54 SiCr 6), has a hardness of 44-48 HRC that guarantees its resistance and durability. The Persian saber is a variant of the white weapon known as a sword, but it differs by its curved blade,...
Swords (Cat. A)

Eastern saber, year 1000

Jiri Krondak
262.50 €
Discover the Oriental Sabre, an authentic historical jewel and a powerful weapon for the brave warriors. This functional saber, made of high-quality carbon steel, will take you back to the year 1000, immersing you in the time of knights. The Oriental Saber is a deadly tool, perfect for those looking to increase their speed and combat prowess. Its curved...

golden arabian scimitar

67.86 €
The Golden Arab Scimitar is a reproduction of one of the most emblematic swords that was brandished in the Iberian Peninsula during the Arab invasion. Its engraved golden blade and hilt give it an elegant and striking appearance. Child: 60 cm. Cadet: 73 cms. Natural: 100 cm. This sword stands out for its smooth curve in the design, which was intended to...
Wedding Swords

Scimitar for weddings (with personalized text engraved)

51.42 €
Are you looking for a unique and special gift for your wedding day? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you. Our special Scimitar sword for weddings is a classic that never goes out of style. And the best of all is that you can personalize it with laser-engraved text, totally free! This Scimitar sword is a refined, fine and light...

Functional Arabian scimitar

Jiri Krondak
270.00 €
The functional Arabian Scimitar is the result of the exceptional work of armorer Jiri Krondak, renowned worldwide for his ability to forge high-quality historical swords and weapons. This sword, made in the Czech Republic, is handcrafted using only the best materials. The blade of the functional Arabian Scimitar is made of carbon steel, which guarantees...

functional scimitar

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
213.88 €
Are you looking for a high-quality functional scimitar? Do not look any further! We have the perfect option for you. Our functional Arabic scimitar with a curved blade in 1566 steel is the ideal choice for professionals in oriental dance or disciplines such as belly dance. This scimitar has been carefully designed and manufactured by Cass Hanwei (Paul...

Scorpion Scimitar

Battle Merchant
98.98 €
Are you looking for a saber that stands out for its design and quality? Then look no further! We present to you the Scorpion scimitar, a masterpiece of tradition and elegance. This scimitar has been manufactured with an EN45 carbon steel blade, known for its strength and durability. In addition, the blade is delicately engraved with a scorpion, adding a...

Turkish scimitar with scabbard

Battle Merchant
98.98 €
Discover the Turkish Scimitar with Scabbard from Battle Merchant! Enter the world of Saracen and Christian warfare with this impressive curved Turkish scimitar. Ideal for historical re-enactments, medieval combat or simply to add a touch of authenticity to your weapon collection. Manufactured with an EN45 spring carbon steel blade, this Turkish scimitar...
functional swords

functional scimitar

Windlass Steel Crafts
172.50 €
The Functional Scimitar is a high quality sword designed to give you an authentic Persian experience. Made by renowned brand Windlass Steel Crafts, this sword is made from strong 1065 carbon steel, making it a durable and reliable weapon. This Scimitar features a 77 cm long curved blade, giving it an authentic look and feel. In addition, its wooden grip...
arabic swords

Decorated Arab sword, 84 cms.

Art Gladius
89.28 €
Discover the majesty of the Art Gladius Arabian Sword! This sword, with a 84 cm long stainless steel blade, is a true work of art. Its hilt and round pommel are decorated and enameled with Arabic motifs, giving it an authentic and exquisite look. Are you a passionate collector? Do you love decorating your home with unique and eye-catching pieces? Then...
arabic swords

Functional Straight Blade Arabian Sword

Jiri Krondak
210.00 €
The Straight Blade Arabian Sword is a fully functional weapon that not only adds a touch of elegance to your collection, but is also combat ready. Its blade, forged in carbon steel, guarantees durability and resistance, perfect for those who want to get the most out of their training or battles. In addition, its leather-covered handle offers a comfortable...

Gold Cutlass Sword, decorative

200.00 €
The Gold Cutlass Sword is a decorative piece that will transport you to medieval times. With its wide, curved blade, this sword is perfect for cutting through chain mail and recreating epic battles. Its design is inspired by the Moorish cutlasses, swords that were used in the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Made in Toledo,...
44.42 €
Are you looking for a unique and special gift for your wedding day? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you. We present to you our special Scimitar sword for weddings, a classic gift that never goes out of style. This sword comes with the standard engraved text: "RDO. DE NUESTRO ENLACE", so you will always remember that special day....

Middle Eastern Saber Scimitar

Cold Steel
369.59 €
The Middle Eastern Saber Scimitar is the perfect addition for lovers of ancient weapons. Manufactured by the renowned American manufacturer Cold Steel, this sword stands out for its unmatched design and quality. The blade of this scimitar is made of 1065 carbon steel with technical treatment, which guarantees its resistance and durability. Its curved and...

Fantasy Scimitar Sword with scabbard (62.50 cm.)

Tole10 Imperial
41.24 €
Enter the world of fantasy with our fantasy scimitar sword with scabbard! This sword, from the Spanish brand Tole10 Imperial, is perfect for lovers of fantasy and collectors. Its sharp 3CR13MOV steel blade gives it a realistic appearance and its steel and wood handle adds a touch of elegance. The sword has a blade thickness of 3.30 mm. and a blade length...
LARP and Cosplay

Sunset scimitar for LARP (105 cm.)

Epic Armoury
99.17 €
Conquer the twilight with the Sunset Scimitar for LARP! Imagine the sunset dyed in elven tones, where the blades of the swords dance in a deadly dance. You see yourself, confidently wielding the Scimitar of Dusk, inspired by the Norse Svartálfar and modern dark elves. At 105cm, this latex hybrid weapon from Epic Armory is more than just a sword; is a...
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Discover the Fascinating Variety of Arab Swords

Arabian swords are a treasure of the history and culture of the Middle East and North Africa. Each of these swords has its own history and unique characteristics that make them worthy of admiration. In this article, we will explore some of the most iconic types of Arabian swords, from the famous scimitars to the elegant genets.

Scimitars: Elegance and Versatility

Scimitars are a type of sword originating in Persia that was also used in India in the 13th and 14th centuries. These swords are characterized by their curved and sharp blade, which makes them ideal for precise attacks and powerful cuts. Among the most notable varieties of scimitars are:

  • Shamsir: Scimitar of Persian origin.
  • Saif: Scimitar of Arab origin.
  • Nimcha: Scimitar of the Maghreb.
  • Kiliç: Scimitar of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Talwar: Scimitar of India.

The Alfanje: Fusion of Styles

The cutlass is a short sword that combines Arabic elements with details of classic European swords. Its wide, curved single-edged blade makes it ideal for fast, precise cuts. Although it has Arabic roots, it was used in the Iberian Peninsula from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, resulting in a unique fusion of styles and characteristics.

La Jineta: Nasrid Elegance

The genet is a Nasrid sword that is characterized by its straight shape, double edge and channel up to the middle of the blade. There were both functional versions, used in fighting, and parrying or decorative swords. The genet is an example of the exceptional craftsmanship and design of the Nasrid period, which still arouses admiration today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arab Swords

1. What is the difference between a scimitar and a cutlass?

The main difference lies in the shape of the blade: scimitars have a curved blade, while cutlasses have a wide, curved, single-edged blade.

2. What culture did the genet influence?

The genet is a sword of Nasrid origin, influenced by the Arab culture in the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages.

3. What function did scimitars have?

Scimitars were used both as combat weapons and for ceremonial purposes. Their curved blade made them ideal for precise cuts and attacks.

4. Where can you find authentic Arabian swords?

Authentic Arabian swords can be found in stores specializing in historical weapons and at antique markets. It is important to verify its authenticity and origin.

5. What is the history of the scimitar?

The scimitar has its roots in Persia and was used in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa for centuries. Its unique design made it a symbol of elegance and power.

6. What is the difference between a functional genet and a decorative one?

Functional genets were designed for combat, while decorative genets were used as parade or display items due to their beauty and craftsmanship.

Explore the History and Beauty of Arabian Swords!

Arab swords are much more than just weapons; They are witnesses to the rich history and culture of the Middle East and North Africa. Whether an elegant scimitar or a cutlass with European influences, these swords will transport you to bygone times full of tradition and splendor. Add an authentic piece of history to your collection today!

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