Nodachi, latex

Epic Armoury
122.31 €
Discover the authentic Japanese Nodachi Sword, a powerful two-handed weapon that was used by brave samurai in their epic battles. Made from the highest quality latex, this sword gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement and skill of Japanese warriors. With an impressive length of 140 cm, the Nodachi offers you exceptional range, allowing you...

Nodachi Japanese sword in latex, 140 cms.

Epic Armoury
112.40 €
Discover the incredible Japanese Nodachi Sword in latex from Epic Armoury, perfect for your live role-playing games, historical re-enactments and much more. This sword is made of high quality fiberglass and coated with strong latex, making it strong and durable. With a length of 140 cm, the Nodachi Japanese Sword is impressive and realistic. Its design...
One Piece Swords

Nodachi from Trafalgar Law, One Piece

43.01 €
If you are a fan of One Piece and especially the charismatic character Trafalgar Law, you will surely love to get your hands on his sword, an authentic Japanese nodachi. This sword is a detailed and faithful replica of the one used by this prominent character in the series. The Trafalgar Law nodachi is made with high quality materials, thus guaranteeing...
57.75 €
The Trafalgar Law is a nodachi, a Japanese sword that must generally be held in both hands. This model has a black finish. Trafalgar Law is the captain of the Heart pirate gang and with a 200 million Berry headhunter fee, he is an up-and-coming rookie who finds himself in the Sabaody Archipelago simultaneously with the Mugiwara pirate gang. Two years...
57.75 €
The Trafalgar Law is a nodachi, a Japanese sword that must generally be held in both hands. This model has a brown hilt finish and red accents. Trafalgar Law is the captain of the pirate gang Heart and, with a 200 million Berry headhunter fee, is an up-and-coming rookie who finds himself in the Sabaody Archipelago simultaneously with the Mugiwara pirate...
195.00 €
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ancient Japanese battles with the hand-forged and sharpened nodachi sword set, exclusively decorative! This set is designed for collectors looking for a unique display experience. Includes a spectacular nodachi sword, a wooden stand to display it elegantly, and a cleaning kit to keep it looking pristine. The...
171.75 €
Attention all enthusiasts and collectors! Introducing our Nodachi Sword, a purely decorative masterpiece that pays homage to Japanese history. With an impressive length of 141 cm and a blade of 84 cm, this sword is an artistic representation of the legendary Nodachi. Made exclusively for decorative purposes, our Nodachi Sword is meticulously hand forged...
224.25 €
The Nodachi hand forged Blood Damascus sword set is the perfect complement for lovers of Japanese swords. This set includes the Nodachi sword, a wooden stand and a cleaning kit, everything you need to keep your sword in perfect condition. The Nodachi sword is a longer version of the Tachi sword, a traditional Japanese weapon. This sword stands out for its...

Nodachi from Hanwei, hand-forged (170.2 cm.)

Cass Hanwei (Paul Chen)
1,489.59 €
Discover the power of the greatest Japanese sword with the hand-forged Hanwei Nodachi! This impressive sword has a blade of approximately 49 inches (124 cm) and a total length of around 170 cm, making it a truly imposing piece. Hanwei's master forgers have mastered the technique of forging and heat-treating this sword, and now you can get your hands on a...

Nodachi Warrior of Cold Steel (144.8 cm.)

Cold Steel
828.79 €
Prepare to master the art of the sword with the Nodachi Warrior from Cold Steel! Discover the Warrior series, designed for those looking for a high-performance battle weapon at a more affordable price. This Nodachi features a high-quality 1060 steel blade, subjected to the same heat treatment and sharpness as its Emperor series counterparts, ensuring...
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Nodachis: The Giant Japanese Swords of History

Nodachis, also known as ōdachi, are large Japanese swords that have left an indelible mark on Japanese history and culture. The term "nodachi" is commonly translated as "field sword", but its meaning is essentially the same as ōdachi, which refers to a "great sword". Over the years, confusion of terms has led to "nodachi" being incorrectly used to describe any large Japanese sword. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of nodachis and their importance in the history of Japanese weapons.

These swords, which required the use of both hands to handle, were true marvels of forging and craftsmanship. Their exceptional length and sharp blade made them impressive weapons on the battlefield. Although its original use could refer to any long battle sword (daitō), over time, the term "nodachi" has become virtually synonymous with the much larger ōdachi, marking a distinction in the scale of these impressive weapons.

Nodachis were not only formidable weapons, but also had deep cultural significance in Japan. They were symbols of power and status, and their presence in Japanese society left an imprint that lasts to this day. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the world of nodachi and their legacy in Japanese history.

The Forging and Manufacturing of Nodachis

The creation of a nodachi was arduous work and required highly specialized master forgers. These swords were famous for their exceptional length and smooth curve, which made them even more impressive. Discover the secrets behind the forging and manufacturing of these giant Japanese swords.

The Cultural Significance of Nodachis

Nodachis were not only weapons of war, but also symbols of power and status. Explore how these swords influenced Japanese culture and what meaning they had for feudal society.

What is the Difference Between Nodachis and Ōdachis?

Although the terms "nodachi" and "ōdachi" are often used interchangeably, there is a distinction in size. Find out what the difference is between these two categories of Japanese swords and why confusion persists.

The Nodachis in Battle

Nodachis were impressive weapons on the battlefield, but how exactly were they used? Explores its role in Japanese military strategies and its impact on historical wars.

Why Are Nodachis So Valued by Collectors?

Nodachis are objects of desire for weapons collectors and history enthusiasts. Discover why these giant Japanese swords are so valued and sought after in the world of antique weapons collecting.

The Enduring Legacy of the Nodachis

Despite having fallen into disuse as weapons of war, nodachis remain a symbol of the greatness and skill of Japanese master smiths. Explore how these swords continue to leave their mark on Japanese culture and art.

Get a Nodachi and Connect with History!

Nodachis are much more than weapons; They are witnesses of a bygone era and an important part of Japanese history. If you want to have one of these impressive swords in your collection, don't wait any longer! Purchase an authentic nodachi and connect with Japan's historical legacy today.

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