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Sword Knight medieval French, brass

Sword medieval knight with a design based on the swords of the France of the FOURTEENTH century. The sword is made of metal with a finish in brass. The cross and the pommel of the sword carry an inscription in vulgar Latin that means: “Guarded by a dragon that never sleeps, in the name of truth”.


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The sword was usually the weapon of choice for the medieval knights to the battle. Their owners liked to customize it - some even received names, and was considered as much a weapon as a symbol -the blade and the handgrip are shaped like a cross-.

The sword most common was the so-called sword, bastard or 'hand and a half', straight and double-edged, whose length ranged between 100 and 120 cm, and weighed between 1200 and 2000 grams, which allowed for agile handling in the field of battle.

Other swords largest were the so-called long sword (longsword), stud, two-handed blow or swordfish, that could measure up to two metres or more and weigh up to four kilos. They were designed to be used with the two hands and the strength of his blows caused terrible damage, although its use and transportation were complicated and did little more manageable.

The Middle Ages is the historical period of western civilization between the V century and the XV. Conventionally, your home is situated in the year 476 with the fall of the Western roman Empire, and its end in 1492, with the discovery of America. The sword was the weapon most staff in this period, the most prestigious and the most versatile in melee combat.

The medieval knights were characters of great importance during this time. In their practices of arms included the skills in the handling of the sword with both hands, the axe, the mace, the dagger and the spear. A gentleman was expected to be a guard of the castle and a support for feudal lord in the wars.


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