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Robin Hood Sword

Sword of Robin Hood in various finishes (gold, bronze or decorated).


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Robin Hood is an archetypal hero of medieval English folklore. Its name means Robin hoodorRobin Hood. According to legend, Robin Hood was a man of great heart who lived outlaws hiding in Sherwood Forest and Barnsdale, near the city of Nottingham.

Skilled archer, defender of the poor and oppressed, fought the sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John Lackland, who used the police to illegally monopolize the wealth of the nobles who opposed him. Rob from the rich and distributed illegally booty among the poor and victims.

Art Gladius

Data sheet

114 cms.
Made in
Toledo (Spain)
Reference Attributes Quantity Price
003180001 Finishes: Bronze; 0
003180003 Finishes: Gold; 0
003180002 Finishes: Decorated; 0
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