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Roman Bronze Sword

Splendid bronze reproduction of the Roman sword. Julius Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar (101 BC - 44 BC) was the best head of state, both military and political, of ancient Rome.


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During his lifetime the empire was expanding and strengthening; Roma, the Republic, became one representative government, and Caesar was its first dictator. His historical works, which are among the best ever written in Latin, dealing with the military campaigns waged in Gaul and civil wars.

Caesar was an architect, mathematician, and one of the best speakers in the world. Undoubtedly, he was an ambitious man and therefore enjoyed the power he had in his hands. It is said that he wanted to be crowned king. A person with such power to threaten the Republic, as stated Gross, Casio and other conspirators sufficient reason to justify his murder.


Data sheet

71 cms.
Blade long
50,3 cm.
Blade: Stainless Steel
1500 gr.
Made in
Toledo (Spain)
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