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Deck of Cards Spanish of the Templars

Deck Medieval Spanish custom with the design of the Templar Cross on the back of the cards. The baraja española is made up of 48 cards in four suits are oros, copas, bastos and swords.

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Everything points to the origin of the cards is placed in the times of Imperial China. Later on he came to Medieval Europe about the FOURTEENTH century, and it was the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, who began to practice card games.

As the cards of the deck extending up to the germanic countries, remained the theme of the four suits, but appeared hearts in one of the sticks; also in this era can be found figures of leaves, bells and acorns.

When England began to enjoy the card games, the manufacturers of cards, they adopted the French design, but modified a few details, and the suits started to be called clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades.

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