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Board game Coloma, Gold Rush 1848 (In Spanish)

Coloma, board game-style eurogame that takes pCloaks to the era of the gold rush in the united States. Title ready for 1 to 6 players from 13 years or more.

  • Language: Spanish
  • Age: 13 years or more
  • Duration: over an hour
  • Number of players: 1,2,3,4,5,6

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In the winter of 1848, a man building a sawmill to the south of the American River, discovered a few small and bright and nuggets downstream. I had found gold! Although he tried to keep his discovery a secret, the rumor spread like wildfire and sparked the famous California Gold Rush of 1849. In Coloma, between 1 and 6 pCloaks travel to the wild West to the city of the same name, birthplace of the famous Gold Rush of the united States. Each player becomes a pionoero you just move to the West to prosper and make a name for himself. Get ready to find some gold, use your newfound wealth to hire workers, saddle your horses and opens up new lines of business. You can also explore the border lands and to visit the nearby rivers. But be careful! You're not alone. The rest of the pioneers seem to have had the same idea as you. You'll have to be the more ready to not end up like them in a complete Ruin.


  • 1 main board
  • 1 tile town crier
  • 1 tile of Ruin
  • 36 horses
  • 30 pieces of barrel
  • 1 meeple of the prionero Buster
  • 1 plate Sheriff
  • 1 year indicator
  • 30 tiles bridge
  • 24 tiles river
  • 6 dials
  • 6 caravans
  • 6 pioneers
  • 72 meeples boys
  • 6 reference sheets
  • 6 cards of specialty of the pioneers
  • 15 meeples of bandits
  • 30 cubes of gold
  • 48 shops
  • 1 wagon of mine
  • 10 carrots
  • 40 sheets of dollar
  • 6 axes for the dials
  • 2 figures of mules
  • 6 boards of player
  • 96 cards of buildings in the village
  • 12 letters of hotel
  • 5 cards of Buster
  • 4 tiles of shooting

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