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Full Set of Infantry Pathfinders

Full Set of Infantry Conquerors composed of a helmet Helmet, a gambesón long sleeve, shoulder pads and a breastplate.

  • Helmet Helmet: Is a helmet of steel inspired by the Spanish conquistadors from the FIFTEENTH to the SIXTEENTH conquer the world for Gold, God and Glory. The edge of the Morion is shaped to protect the head and face without obstructing vision, curved along the front and rear.
  • Gambesón long sleeve: it Is a gambesón collar long sleeve that covers the torso from the neck, down over the hips in the front and rear. It can be used alone or serve as padding essential under the mail, or armor.
  • Shoulder pads: it Is made of a single plate, which is curved to provide protection to the upper part of the arm. Is held in place with leather straps around the biceps and on shoulder, attached to a breastplate and back plate with a piece of leather shoulder adjustable.
  • Peto: Is a shell hand-made, designed to protect the front of the torso and the abdomen.

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